"The Bachelorette" 2019 brought along Luke P. Guru Reality Steve and fellow podcaster Ashley Spivey managed to speak to Laura Anderson, a licensed psychotherapist about him. The podcast episode 20, "He Said, She Said," never focused solely on Luke, as much of it focuses on those people experiencing abusive relationships. However, in the July 30 interview with Laura Anderson, the subject came up as to whether Luke P is what lots of people call him: A narcissist, a psychopath, and more. It disturbed Reality Steve that these terms were thrown around so casually, and he asked her what her impressions were.

It seems Luke exhibited some disturbing behavior on the show.

Licensed psychotherapist Laura Anderson talks Luke P on Bachelorette

Well, the first thing that Laura said about Luke P's behavior on "The Bachelorette," was that she doesn't know him. Plus, she never met him and she is not his therapist. So, she hesitated to ascribe a particular term to him. In fact, she noted that everyone listening should realize that anything she took away came from a Reality TV show. However, Luke interested her, and she did take some notes through the duration of it.

Laura comes across in her chat with Reality Steve as not actually claiming any diagnosis, which is both ethical and right. But some of her notes referred to instances that disturbed quite a few viewers of the show.

From her observations, Laura said some of his behavior would "cause me to pause." She added, "if I had a friend in a relationship like this...I would feel pretty confident in saying, 'you need to go and see someone.'" She said that she looked to try and figure where Luke would fit in a classification of an abusive personality.

Some disturbing behavior appeared on the show with Luke

Lara told Reality Steve to note that abuse is not like a "one-time thing." Explaining further, she noted that if you're looking at an abusive person, you look for abusive patterns of behavior over time." So, we only saw him for a few months, but some of his behavior was "interesting." She noted that "The Bachelorette" fans saw "a lot of sliding from him." He would say something then deny he said it, and say "you're misunderstanding me, or "you're making that up." Luke came across as though he had a lot "male privilege." That means it's an example of "a man who feels he has the ultimate say on gender roles and what's appropriate." He appeared to be quite at home with making decisions for Hannah B.

Specifically, Laura mentioned the Fantasy Suite episode. Laura feels that episode showed "intimidation in the way that he placed his body, making fists, and facial expressions." Laura adds that she felt he "made a lot of threats." She mentioned the "if you do that, then I'm gonna do this," nature of the conversations. The example she gave was, "like if you sleep with somebody in the Fantasy Suite then I'm gonna leave." But as we all know, he never left. Reality Steve picked up on that, saying Hannah admitted she did sleep with someone and he "didn't leave." Actually, Luke straight away started talking about how he would get through the "blip" or whatever and "fight his way through it." In fact, Laura felt that statement was made by Luke to "get a specific reaction to gain control."

Boundaries and threats are different

Laura explained that boundaries and threats are two different things.

Elaborating on that in "The Bachelorette" scene, she pointed out how it works. If he had said something along the lines of, I "have my boundary, you do this and I'm going to leave, and she says, 'that's fine I did this,' and he leaves...good on him." That would be following through with his boundary. However, if he said that to her to contain her or try to "control the situation, that's a threat."

Laura also noted how much "blaming others" went on. He "never took responsibility for his actions" and he was quite "deceitful". In fact, the podcast recalled he admitted to that on the "Men's Tell-All." She says that Luke P actually "manipulated a lot of situations" on "The Bachelorette." Laura feels this was especially with the men to "get specific reactions - to try to confuse and cause chaos." She adds, "It was very manipulative."

The early declaration of love for Hannah B gets discussed

On social media, many memes and shocked reactions came from viewers of the show when Luke declared his love for Hannah B so quickly.

After all, he barely knew her back then. Laura noted that as well. However, she also said that we should "take into account, the nature of the show." Nevertheless, Laura feels that's "pretty quick to declare your love, and that's an abusive tactic." She adds "that can be used to try to rope somebody in early." He "had a lot of unrealistic expectations for her to cater to him." Plus, there was a "lot of hypocrisy there as in what she's allowed to do and what he was allowed to do."

Laura feels there was something of a "Doctor Jekyll, Mr. Hyde complex, as who he was with the men and who he was with Hannah." Laura feels where he made Hannah B "feel bad about herself and about her choices," that indicated "emotional abuse." That also extended to where he made her "feel crazy" and he tried to "make her feel guilty." Then Laura mentioned an interesting point about "isolation." On "The Bachelorette," it seemed Luke "had this idea, I need to have her for myself, I don't want anybody else to have her.

So, I'm going to bring her into these situations of "jealousy and isolation." Then there was the "minimizing, denying, and blaming." Plus, his attitude was "this relationship's not over until I say it's over." Laura Andeson notes that is "very common in abusive relationships."

The rest of the podcast was equally interesting and you can follow the link from the tweet below.

What do you think of Reality Steve and Ashley Spivey bringing in a licensed psychotherapist to the "He Said, She Said," podcast? What are your thoughts on Laura Anderson's suggestions that Luke P exhibited some disturbing behavior?

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