General Hospitalis giving viewers a lot of seemingly unrelated clues but they could all have one thing in common. Jerry Jax and Cassandra Pierce are mentioned frequently, and Jax, and Valentin both look uncomfortable when they hear either name. It’s possible these two may return to Port Charles and could have a secret in common. Hayden and Jax will eat dinner at Wyndemere on Wednesday and use the opportunity to search the grounds. They may find out about a deadly secret that’s meant to stay hidden. Perhaps the duo will uncover treasure or stumble upon the presumed dead Cassadine Prince.

Ava was told by a psychic that Nikolas was not in the land of the living so she may do some digging into the truth as well.

Ava may find Nikolas while getting revenge

Last week on “General Hospital” Sibley the psychic implied to Ava that Nikolas was not residing in the realm of the deceased. Not long after this, Ms.Jerome realized Jax and Nina had ripped her to shreds in the magazine article in Crimson. Soap Dirt rumors indicate that Ava will be lived and out for revenge. This will not stop her, however from seeking the truth about the man who saved her life. She might be able to obtain payback and stumble upon the truth about the Cassadine prince at the same time.

Meanwhile, all the “GH” mentions of Cassandra and Jerry are surely leading to something.

Obrecht admitted both she and the evil Jax sibling worked for Helena. Finn has been like a fish out of water trying to wrap his head around Cassandra Pierce being mentioned, while Valentin and Jax look guilty each time her name is spoken. Cassandra and Jerry may have nothing to do with Nikolas or it all could actually be related.

Whatever happens, it’s looking like something big is about to go down at Wyndemere.

Nikolas returns to 'GH'

Spoiler alerts have confirmed that Tyler Christopher has been seen in the “General Hospital” set, but no first air date has been revealed. While viewers wait, all the clues seem hard o be leading to Wyndemere. On Friday Jax told Obrecht that her niece wanted her to stay on the Cassadine property to protect her from whoever tried to kill Liesel.

Nina invited Jax and Hayden to dinner and Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors indicate they will do some snooping on Wednesday.

On Tuesday’s “GH” episode the dysfunction at Wyndemere was very evident. Liesel overheard Valentin and Sasha discussing how to keep her quiet. Later Nina begged her aunt to make nice when Hayden and Jax show up. After Nina left Valentin assured Obrecht he would not kill her because it would hurt Nina and said someone else tried to drown her. Will Nikolas be found or a different mystery be solved? Be sure to tune in Wednesday as the craziness at Wyndemere continues. The fun and drama begins at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.