The finale of ABC's "The Bachelorette" was filled with heartbreak, surprise, and cringe-worthy guitar songs. The episode started with Hannah Brown, the star of the show, falling and ripping her dress. That was only the beginning of this mess of a finale. (Side note: if you were wondering why Hannah's hands were so red during the episode, its because it is a side effect of her Accutane medication.)

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from the season finale of the Bachelorette.

Soon, it came time for the final rose ceremony, the moment where the final two men propose to Hannah, with only one getting the chance to propose to her.

The final two men were Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. Tyler C, the fan-favorite, was the first to propose.

Who did Hannah choose?

Tyler C. proposed and had the audience swooning. Before he could even finish his proposal, Hannah cut him off. This made it very obvious that she was choosing Jed. Tyler was very respectful and wished her nothing but love and luck in her relationship with Jed. A teary-eyed Tyler hopped in the car and was shipped off. He cried in the car, muttering "I thought this was it" to himself. No worries to all the many Tyler C. fans, he is supposedly a front-runner to appear as next season's "Bachelor."

Jed had a corny way of proposing, of course with a guitar in hand. He sang Hannah an acoustic song that he wrote for her in his proposal.

She smiled all while he sang to her, and when he got down on one knee to pop the question, it was an easy 'yes' from her. Seems like a happy ending, right? Wrong. Lots of drama unfolded after.

A not so happy ending

Hannah was bombarded by the news that Jed came on the show after ending his relationship with his girlfriend just a week before filming began.

Hannah was utterly disgusted hearing this and even called him selfish. In describing the details of his previous relationship, Jed told her that they vacationed to the Bahamas together, he met her parents, and he told her that he loved her before he left to film "The Bachelorette."

If you were wondering who Jed's mysterious ex is, her name is Haley Stevens and she is a country singer.

Check out this picture of her from her Instagram, she's gorgeous!

Jed told Haley that the reason he was going on "The Bachelorette" was to promote his music career. Hannah felt very betrayed hearing all this sudden news from her fiancé just one day after their engagement, and it caused major turmoil in their relationship.

The aftermath

During the finale, Hannah sat down with the host, Chris Harrison, and discussed her relationship status with Jed after everything that occurred. Hannah confirmed that she is not with Jed anymore, and the engagement was called off. She even confessed they did not break up in person, it was over the phone.

It is safe to say that "The Bachelorette" finale was filled with drama and heartbreak.

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