"Bachelor in Paradise" already started filming just over a week ago, as reported by Reality Steve on Twitter. Now, Hannah B's "The Bachelorette" star, Luke Parker's dropped a major hint he's' on his way to Mexico. That can hardly be a coincidence, as the "BiP's" being filmed there right now. While he's not yet been named for the show, usually close runners for the heart of "TB" make it to "Paradise" and other spinoffs. Caution, if you don’t want spoilers then stop reading right here.

Luke Parker shares on Instagram Stories, he's going to Sante Fe

Sante Fe, Mexico looks to be graced by the presence of the man who got visited in the shower by God and then engaged in a hectic rivalry with Luke S. In a recent episode of "The Bachelorette" we saw Luke S voluntarily leave over it. However, Luke P actually got tipped for the final three by Reality Steve. Later spoilers suggested Steve got it wrong, as Hannah B broke protocol and took four rather than three final contestants with her to Greece.

TV Shows Ace reported on those spoilers by insider Reality Steve. They wrote, "Reality Steve notes that Luke made a final effort to talk to Hannah at the final three rose ceremony but she didn’t bite.

So, that left Tyler, Peter, and Jed in the running in The Bachelorette." Plus, Reality Steve noted Luke P'd been home since about May 7. So, we know Luke never won the heart of Hannah B. Now, it seems that he's off to the "Bachelor in Paradise" film set via Sante Fe, Mexico.

Major hint Luke Parker's on the way to 'BiP' is a photo

The hint that Luke P dropped came on his Instagram Stories. Interestingly, the original men named by Reality Steve included Kevin Fortenberry, John P. Jones, Cam Ayala, Wills Reid, Blake Horstmann, Dylan Barbour, Clay Harbour Wills Reid, Chris Bukowski, and Derek Peth. Now, thanks to DCist, we know Luke S also films there.

On June 12, they reported that "Reese Edmonds, Stoney’s bar manager," said Luke S won't return to work until he finishes "filming for "Bachelor in Paradise."'

Luke P and Luke S could well continue their rivalry. Reality Steve on Twitter leaked, "We are less than a week into "BIP" filming and I’m hearing a giant sh*t show already. Like, big time." Many fans straight away thought that Luke P arrived in Mexico.

Not yet apparently, as Luke only shared his photo of him on his way to Sante Fe Thursday evening. In his post, he captioned a picture of him riding a mechanical bull with, "Driftin' down to Sante Fe."

Monday, July 29 is the premiere of 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The sixth season of "Bachelor in Paradise" premieres on July 29. It looks good already with spoilers noting that the rumpus on the film set could be Blake Horstmann. As Reality Steve said on Twitter Thursday night, "Ok fine. One hint about “Bachelor in Paradise.” Through one week of filming, it’s the Blake Horstmann Show and it’s not even close.

Nor is it good." Well, with Luke P and Luke S most likely meeting up again, this could be an explosive season.

What do you think about Luke P dropping a major hint he's filming for "BiP?" Do you think we'll see him on the set scrapping with Luke S again?

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