"The Bachelorette" fans know that Luke Parker and Hannah B hit if off in a big way. From the beginning, people laughed at Luke because he claimed that God had a chat with him "in the shower." He's very religious and Hannah is a Christian as well. However, Luke's become the centerpiece of the show, and recently his face nearly fell off when Hannah B did the unclothed version of a bungee jump. Although Hannah B teased that she did that scene with her underwear on, plus the steamy bath, a lot of Christians feel she's not showing Christians in a good light.

Now, she took to her Instagram to say that she won't apologize.

Hannah B gets bad-mouthed by Christians for her behavior on 'The Bachelorette'

Hannah shocked Luke a bit by her amorous behavior on the show. Hannah's mantra is it's her body and she'll do what she pleases with it. Luke, very conservative, really genuinely seems shocked. Of course, many other Christians also don't like it very much. Especially, they don't think it's funny about her comment on having 's*x' but "Jesus still loves [her]."

Like many Reality TV stars, Hannah B and the others on her show get slammed and hated on. It's almost like a national past-time to follow shows and find someone to hate. Surely Hannah B expected to be on the receiving end of that?

Now, she's getting bad remarks and she decided to have her say about it. That's no big surprise as Hannah's not afraid to say exactly what she thinks on "The Bachelorette."

Long message from Hannah B on Christians who hate on her

Tuesday night, Hannah took to her Instagram to post about how she feels. The long post to "The Bachelorette" fans pleased some people, but of course, also taunted the haters again.

In her post, she said, "I refuse to not stand in the sun. I refuse to feel shame. I refuse to believe the lies and evil that flood my comments. I am standing firm in believing that maybe God wants to use a mess like me to point to His goodness and grace."

Hannah talks about how hard it is to deal with the kind of hate she's getting.

She added, "dang, it’s hard. The amount of hate I and the men on this journey with me receive...it’s chilling to know so many people want to spread hurt so recklessly." She noted that really, the only difference is that she's doing it "on national television." That came when she talked about the fact that "everyone [falls short of the glory of God." Then she felt that she's letting Satan hurt her. She said that he uses the comments to get at her, noting, "he uses a grain of truth to steer to evil lies."

Christians upset Hannah by saying she gives them a 'bad name'

Hannah quotes the types of comments she gets. These include, "You’re not enough," "you’re dirty," "you’re dumb," "you’re immature," "you’re not worthy...” She adds that it's "upsetting to get messages from Christians telling me I give Christians a bad name.

I’ve lived my life for the world to see and judge and absolutely, I’m [a] hot mess on a stick [VIDEO], I blew it a few times...but I refuse to believe I give Christians a bad name."

As far as Hannah feels, "The Bachelorette" haters should know that she's "an imperfect human. Who is yes, also a Christian." Hannah believes that "God has a master plan for all the failures," adding that she continues "to learn and grow...to work out for good, and for his glory." Next, Hannah thanked those who do support her and her "guys ...as they open [their] hearts to each other." She really appreciates that support.

Fans of 'The Bachelorette' reply to Hannah's Instagram post

Religion is a controversial subject, and of course, this kind of thing brings in loads of comments.

Many fans complimented Hannah for what she said. One user posted, "You are loved. Whatever we do or don’t do in life is between us and God— no one else." Another fan noted, "Church isn’t a museum of saints, it’s a hospital for the broken."

One of the most telling read, "You are doing quite the opposite of giving Christians a bad name. In fact, your pursuit of fleeing from the fear of others opinions and loving yourself has been so empowering and in my opinion the most impactful thing we have seen on this TV series. Grateful for who you are and how you are reminding so many of us including myself to not live in fear. Thank you."

What do you think about the fact that Hannah B won't apologize after being slammed for 'giving Christians a bad name?' Do you think she's right? She's getting a lot of hate from so-called "Christians," after all.

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