Burt Ward is no stranger to fans of superhero TV Shows, having played Robin to Adam West’s Batman in the campy but memorable 1966-68 live-action series. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise when it was announced that he would be playing a part in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” This is the latest crossover event between the multiple series comprising the DC “Arrow-verse” franchise on The CW. It comes across as a logical escalation from the 2018-2019 Season’s “Elseworlds” crossover that introduced Batwoman (Ruby Rose) prior to her own series being announced.

But what will be Burt Ward’s role in the “Crisis”?

Burt Ward’s ‘Arrow-verse’ role

Comic Book Resources has some pretty good ideas as to what sort of role fans of the Arrow-verse can expect for Burt Ward when he shows up in the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover. This story event shared across the “Arrow-verse” shows on The CW, will be an adaptation of a similar, bigger, inter-comic book event from DC in 1985-86. As implied, it involves the collision of multiple parallel universes with alternate versions of various DC superheroes, as already established with the “Earth-1,” “Earth-2” (both from “The Flash”) and “Earth-38” (“Supergirl”). Ward’s character could be from any of these or from another parallel Earth entirely.

If he is from a new world involved in the “Crisis” crossover for The CW, then Burt Ward could surprise the audience by being a retired old Robin, especially if his version was simply the 1960s “Batman” character all aged up. Alternatively, he could be from an existing Earth, such as the common setting for “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and now “Batwoman” (among others).

It is an intriguing possibility that he could portray either the “Arrow-verse” versions of Alfred or Commissioner Gordon, both characters that have yet to be seen or even cast in the upcoming “Batwoman” series.

‘Batwoman’ upcoming premiere on The CW

Granted, The CW’s “Batwoman” starring Ruby Rose as Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane has yet to premiere on the network, and therefore establish its setting and entire cast for the inaugural season according to Screen Rant.

From the trailers already released before, Kate is initially facing the Gotham-based Wonderland Gang and its leader Alice (Rachel Skarsten), who is like a blend of Joker and Harley Quinn but with less insane laughing. A secondary plot thread would be solving the mystery behind the disappearance of the “Arrow-verse” Bruce/Batman, leading to Kate becoming interim CEO of her cousin’s company.

“Batwoman” season one begins in October on The CW. The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, which might include this new show, will air three episodes on December 2019 and two on January 2020. We can expect Burt Ward’s “Arrow-verse” character to be revealed on or just before the crossover event.