Last night was the finale of the hit ABC reality show "The Bachelorette," and it was filled with drama, heartbreak, and a nation full of disappointed fans. Fans had high hopes that Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, would choose Tyler Cameron to be the winner and that they would be happily engaged. However, when Tyler C. got down on one knee to propose, Hannah interrupted him and it became apparent that she was choosing Jed Wyatt. A heartbroken Cameron was taken away in the limo and even cried on the car ride home. The "Bachelor Nation" was disappointed, but there are many fans hoping that Cameron will return as the next season's bachelor.

Tyler C's Instagram post to Hannah

Cameron may have gotten his heart broken, but that did not stop him from being the upstanding gentleman that he is and writing Hannah a kind message via his personal Instagram account (@tylerjcameron3). Check out the Instagram post below.

The photo he chose to caption was taken last night during the live portion of the show when Hannah and Tyler got the chance to speak for the first time since his failed engagement attempt. Hannah is smiling in her red dress as she talks to Tyler, who is wearing a navy blue suit and tie (and looking dashing as ever). Tyler starts off his post by writing "Dear HB," and proceeds to thank her for being by his side on their journey together.

He mentions how he is grateful for the experiences that they shared together and how she taught him how to be a better man. He shows admiration for her strength and grace. He tells her "as one chapter closes, another begins." He ends the caption by telling her that he is looking forward to getting a drink with her.

Last night during the finale, Hannah proposed the offer for them to get a drink together and just talk.

The studio audience went screaming with applaud at the idea. Cameron, smiling, happily agreed with the idea and told her that he would like to.

Hannah's response to Tyler's Instagram post

Hannah responded to Tyler's post, via Instagram (@alabamahannah), about half an hour after it was posted. She wrote "I'm cheesin' hard. I'm really thankful for your love and support.

You're the best, and I'm glad America thinks so too. And...see ya soon! Cheers." Her reply comment has almost 20,000 likes, so far. It is obvious that fans are loving this second chance at love for Hannah and Tyler.

Hannah made the wrong decision

Hannah clearly made the wrong decision when choosing her lover, considering how it blew up in her face. However, it was not her fault. Jed was not honest with her about his past relationships and never told her the truth until the day - after - their engagement. Is Hannah filled with regret? Maybe, but we do know that she is currently single. So, maybe all the "shippers" of Tyler C. and Hannah will finally get what they were hoping for!