Adam Smith of South St. Louis made the most shocking discovery of his life when he was cleaning out the freezer of his recently deceased mother. Smith reports that his mother has lived on the 6000 block of Magnolia in South St. Louis for twenty years.

He recently moved in with her to assist her in her battle with lung cancer. After his mother's recent passing, Smith began to rummage through her things in efforts to clean out the apartment. While he was cleaning out the freezer, he noticed a box.

Smith claims that this box had been in the freezer for as long as he can remember, and whenever he questioned his mother about it, she either changed the subject or told him "it was a wedding cake topper." Overall, it was a no-no subject but Smith never thought enough of it to open the box himself.

A Disturbing Discovery

When Smith finally opened the box, he was filled with horror when he discovered what was inside. He pulled out a frozen baby, wrapped in pink fleece.

The frozen baby was determined to be a girl, and it still had hair and skin. It was in a mummified state. Smith immediately put the baby back in the box and frantically dialed 911 to report the incident.

Smith claimed that he thought he would find money along with what he assumed to be the wedding cake topper in the freezer.

He surely was not expecting to find what he did. Smith described to Post-Dispatch that every time his mother moved apartments, she would take the box with her, and it took up a decent amount of freezer storage space.

He also described his mother as a suspicious woman.

He fears that he will never know the truth of what happened to that baby, and cannot help but be haunted with thoughts that his mother may have done something harmful to the baby.

Who is the frozen baby?

Smith has his own conspiracy theory as to the identity of the frozen baby girl. He thinks that it is his own sister.

He recalls his mother mentioning a sibling that died before Adam was born.

He claims that when he was 7 or 8 years old, he questioned his mother when she seemed upset while she was driving.

His mother tearfully told him that "her oldest child would have turned 21 today." An autopsy is underway with police to confirm the identity of this frozen baby, and Smith gave investigators a sample of his DNA to assist with the investigation.

Smith claims that he is confused and angry, and just wants answers to this secret that his mother hid from him his entire life. He fears he may never get the answers he needs due to his mom's passing. He is nervously continuing to sort through her items, with hopes of avoiding any more uneasy discoveries.

He became anxious when he felt something inside of a sock, but luckily when he opened it he just found cigarettes that she was hiding from him.

Twitter users are trying to bring some light to this very dark situation.