"Teen Mom OG," like all the Reality TV shows gets fans and snoopers digging deep for every little facet of the lives of the cast members. Now, Kristina Shirley dropped a bomb, by announcing that Gary trained as a police officer. Normally, this type of thing would definitely get leaked. So this must be the top-most secret to ever happen in any of the "Teen Mom" series.

Kristina Shirley revealed Gary's secret cop training on Instagram

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday night, Kristina just right out dropped a bomb. And, so casually, it freaked fans of "Teen Mom OG" out.

She posted up a photo of Gary standing with a police officer. Gary's not in uniform, but we probably can expect to see him in one soon. Kristina said that she's "very proud" of him. She added that he'd only just gotten "sworn into duty as a police officer."

Plus, she thanked the family and friends who managed to keep "this a secret and most of all believed in him." Additionally, she said, "Words cannot describe how proud I am to be his wife. His dream, hard work, and dedication became a reality." Wow! that's a pretty amazing secret to keep for so long, and it must almost be a miracle that the tabloids never found out. Also, it's amazing how much weight Gary dropped, so congrats are in order.

Secret police training for 'Teen Mom OG's' Gary gets responses

As you can imagine, fans of Kristina and Gary freaked when they found out. Actually, some of them were so amazed and proud of him as well. Here's what some of the responses were:

  • @sta**: "Congratulations to Gary! Also congratulations to you Kristina! With every successful man, there is a supportive and successful woman behind them!! This is yours too!"
  • @you**: "The streets need a good man with good intentions...like Gary! Great heart and he will be a great fit! Excellent job!!!!!!! Congratulations to Gary and the family!!"
  • @jja**: "Omg, I absolutely love you guys and have so much respect for both of you. You two seem like amazing parents & I love how real both of you are!! Congratulations you guys, this is so EXCITING!!! I couldn’t be happier for you two & your family! Sending prayers, love, & good vibes your way."
  • @tar**: "This is amazing!!! On teen mom and has an amazing job!!!! I mean they all have jobs but this is incredible!! Congratulations Garry."

Many more such complimentary comments about the couple and Gary's achievement came out.

One of them came from Andrew Glennon, Amber Portwood’s boyfriend. He said that he hopes Gary stays safe out there and joked about a present which will be a "Batlight with a G on it."

The background to Gary on 'Teen Mom OG'

Fans of the show know we first came across Gary as the fiance of Amber Portwood. He's the dad of Leah Leann Shirley.

Amber and Gary had been together for two years when she fell pregnant. Anyway, they went their separate ways and later Gary and Kristina (nee) Anderson married on September 28, 2015, US Weekly reported.

What do you think of the fact that Gary trained secretly as a police officer? Are you proud of him like Kristina Shirley is?

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