"General Hospital" rumors say the time of reckoning is almost here for those whose lives will be turned upside down because of the baby switch. The friendship between Michael and Chase will be strained, while the detective and Willow may grow apart. A love triangle between the three of them may end with the school teacher choosing Sonny and Carly's son. Lucas, Shiloh, and Ms.Tate will all be devastated to find out that Wiley is not the son of Willow and the cult leader. Brad will be on the hot seat and Obrecht may play a major part in everyone finding out that Nelle and Michael are the baby's true parents.

Several DNA tests may have to be done but the entire truth must be revealed.

'GH' creates a love triangle with Michael, Willow, Chase

"General Hospital" rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that trouble will soon be brewing in Port Charles between Chase and Michael. The two men have a shared bond in that each wants to protect Willow. Initially, it looked as though the school teacher and Carly's son might become romantically entangled but she decided to hook up with the detective. All of this may change once the truth comes to light.

"General Hospital" has set up a perfect storm because Chase and Michael are good friends and both care for Willow. CDL poses the possibility that the bromance may end because Ms.

Tate May chooses Michael. Previous rumors have suggested that when the baby switch comes to light Chase could turn to Lulu, so this situation will become complicated. When Michael gets his son back he and Willow could raise the boy together, once she grieves for her own child a second time.

'GH' will soon have a lot of heartbreak

"GH" rumors from Soap Dirt say that Lucas and Shiloh will be as devastated as Willow when the DNA test comes back. It will be bad enough finding out that Shiloh is not the father but when Ms. Tate is told she is not the baby’s mother things will really become chaotic. The Dawn of Day leader believes he has an heir to his cult throne and will be livid that he was deceived.

Dr. Jones will be in shock at the deception Brad has been hiding and this will probably be the end of their marriage.

"GH"rumors say that Obrecht will have a hand in the truth coming to light but don’t give detail on how it plays out. Viewers know Liesel delivered Nelle’s baby in the woods and said she would use the information when it suited her purposes. Once the shock wears off Michael will be thankful to have Jonah back but most everyone else involved will be stunned at the turn of events.