CBS daytime dramas "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful" will air new episodes on Thursday, July 4. Residents of both Genoa City and the fashion world of LA will enjoy holiday fireworks in more ways than one. The possibility of love is in the air for one couple, and there will be a non-traditional proposal of marriage for another duo. True love, friendship, and manipulation of a child will lead to the unexpected during this summer celebration. Viewers who will be cooking out or having fun in the sun during their favorite program’s time slot, can always set their DVR and watch the fun and festivities later.

'Y&R' showcases Cane and Traci

"The Young and the Restless" has been testing the waters with Cane and Traci recently. Ms. Abbott has been a confidante for Lily who was good friends with her deceased daughter Coleen and later a shoulder for Mr. Ashby to lean on during his separation and divorce. As Traci was finishing her latest literary work, she began fantasizing about a romantic relationship with Lily’s ex. Last week they kissed and some viewers expressed their dislike for this pairing but previews for July 4 indicate that this unlikely couple will spend the holiday together.

"Y&R" spoilers from Soaps She Knows reveal that Cane and Traci have a reason to be celebrating which is the release of Ms.

Abbott’s new book. The friendship between Lily’s ex and her best friends' mother has viewers divided. Cane being older than his former wife was accepted but Traci portrayed as a cougar is difficult for some Genoa City devotees. Be that as it may, they will be spending July 4 together. It’s not yet known where he hs is going so fans will have to wait and see.

'B&B's Thomas has Douglas propose to Hope

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has turned Thomas Forrester into a predictor who will use his own son to get his way. Previews for Thursday indicate that little Douglas will be manipulated into proposing to Hope for his dad. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Ridge and Taylor’s son will continue to gaslight Hope and on Wednesday he set the stage for his own brand of July 4 fireworks.

Thomas drugged Liam who became so carefree he offended Hope then later went to bed with Steffy. He made sure to verify with his sister that she spent the night with Liam then went to Hope’s where he berated his former brother in law.

"B&B" is setting things up for the reveal of the baby switch and Thomas is wreaking havoc all over the place. On July 4, Tom the terrible will explain in detail to his son how to ask Hope to marry his dad. Her emotions will be raw as on Wednesday she and Liam bated their souls to one another. Ms. Logan admitted that she did not love Thomas, but now that Steffy and Liam have made live everything had changed. This is why she may not be able to resist a proposal coming from Douglas and be inclined to say yes. Be sure not to miss the fireworks on your favorite CBS daytime dramas on Thursday.