'Teen Mom 2' fans know that Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer are great friends. Sometimes we see them on vacation together sitting around, or in the pool. In fact, back in April, we saw them vacation in Costa Rica having a lot of fun. But now, Leah shared a not-so-much-fun video and fans are in stitches as it also involves a pool. In fact, it looks like Leah just managed to star in her very own "America's Funniest Home Video."

Leah Messer of 'Teen Mom 2' heading off for a few weeks

Taking to her Instagram, Leah shared with "Teen Mom 2" fans that she just had the last chore to get done before they "leave for two weeks." Luckily for fans, the house camera covered the area where she went to work.

The angle's a bit off, but it's perfectly easy to identity Leah in the video. Her friend is there to 'help' with the pool and we see the vacuum prominently shown.

Anyway, there's a ladder up the side of the pool, so Leah goes up it with the vacuum so she can pop it in the pool. However, as she does so, the ladder starts to slip sidleways. Trying to stop it, worked initially. But the whole ladder flipped over and Leah landed up in the pool. Leah's friend pretty much nearly peed laughing. Across the Internet, people are so glad Leah shared it to her "Teen Mom 2" fans.

Comments in the 'America's Funniest Home Video' show laughing's good for you

Of course, fans just watched it over and over. That's because it looks like Leah just starred in her own "America's Funniest Home Video." Hopefully, she leaves it up for more people to see.

Lots of comments came, as you can imagine. Here's what some of the "Teen Mom 2" fans said:

  • @Chell**: "HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS GREAT...so good for the mental health to have a good laugh...Thankyou for making us all laugh today Leah!!"
  • @Our**: "Omgggg stoppp it, and how do you still look so cute doing this too funny."
  • @nico**: "I’m over here thinking tha ladder is going to fall boy was I wrong."
  • @dana**: "I was like wow I’m surprise she’s posting this I am dying laughing now that I know it’s you. Lol love ya girl lol"

Of course, there were many more comments.

In the video, the phone in her back pocket was clearly seen, so fans wondered if it survived.

Leah messer's phone did not survive the pool vacuuming

Sadly, Leah told fans her phone never survived the encounter with the pool. However, some fans of "Teen Mom" thought they had a solution. Many of them told Leah to place her phone in rice.

Apparently, that helps to dry it. What do you think? Have you ever used rice to dry out a phone? What about the ladder flip and Leah Messer starring in her own 'America's Funniest Home Video?' Did you think it was hilarious?

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