"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry's a good friend of Lindsie Chrisley. Fans know that Lindsie formerly starred on the show "Chrisley Knows Best." Back in 2017, Radar Online reminds us that she quit the show. At the time, they reported “Kail joined Lindsie on the project and they are trying to keep it under wraps for now. But they have been friends for years and are doing a weekly one-hour long podcast that they are both super excited about!” Well, fast forward two years, and the podcast's hugely popular. Now, Kail's away on vacation, and when a troll appeared on the scene, Lindsie stepped up to slap them down.

Kailyn posts vacation photo for 'Teen Mom 2' fans

Kail's on vacation in Hawaii, and she posted quite a lot of pictures up of her and kids. Leah Dawn Messer, another friend's also in Hawaii. In another report, I suggested they may be filming the time away for a future season. Anyway right now, it looks like Kailyn's in Lahaina, Hawaii. She shared several photos of her looking cool and relaxed with her "Teen Mom 2" fans. The photos showed her wearing a loose black tee, flipflops, her shades, and a pair of ripped denim shorts. Certainly, it's the ideal outfit for a relaxing break in beautiful Hawaii - you'd think.

Kailyn noted in her caption that she's at the Lahaina Jodo Mission. Her friend Lindsie Chrisley obviously misses her, as she replied, "Come back to me." Over 18k people liked the post in a matter of three hours.

Nevertheless, someone managed to criticize and troll on Kailyn. As is so often the case, there's no profile pic, few posts and a dearth of friends. So, Lindsie quickly stepped in.

Lindsie Chrisley tells the troll where to get off

The follower on Kailyn's Instagram's clearly not there to fangirl on the "Teen Mom 2" star. They wrote, "When will you girls start dressing like grown women?

The ripped shorts and jeans aren't doing you any favors...You are not 16 anymore." Lindsie immediately climbed in to defend her friend Kailyn. And she never pulled any punches, saying, "listen b*tch, you don’t even have a profile picture. I hope she wears the f**k out of those daisy dukes & enjoys everyday doing it. Goodnight."

Of course, when trolls try and hit back at those who put them down, they engage in long arguments.

This one too tried it on with Lindsie Chrisley by asking her why she needed "a profile pic." Wise in the ways of trolls though, Lindsie didn't bite or play the game. Some others did though, but reporting more just encourages people like this. Suffice to say that lot's of people agreed that there's nothing wrong with people dressing as Kail did.

Genuine fans of 'Teen Mom 2' say positive things about Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn's popular with a lot of fans, and so is Lindsie. They love the two of them together on Coffee Convos. Their messages to Kail came with a different tone altogether. Here's what some of the "Teen Mom 2" fans said:

  • @kfi**: "stop hating!!! Be kind and comment positive comments only if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself. @kaillowry looks amazing nothing wrong with what she’s wearing one bit."
  • @mvl**: "Yes!!!! Good job for sticking up for her #lindsiechrisley. She looks amazing in those shorts and damn, she's not in her 50's, shes in her 20's, that's the exact age she should be wearing those shorts!"
  • @hey**: "You look beautiful! I want those shorts! Where did you find them?"

What do you think about wearing those awesome American Eagle torn denim shorts?

Do think Kailyn Lowry looks great in them? What about Lindsie Chrisley slamming the troll in defense of her Coffee Convo's bestie?

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