Daily Soap Dish is reporting that leaked information has confirmed that Billy Miller will soon be leaving General Hospital.” The rumors says the actor’s last day on set will be July 26. In recent months the writers seem to have dropped the ball where Miller’s character is concerned. If the rumor is true, the talented soap veteran will be leaving as another fan favorite returns. Soap Dirt says leaked info reveals that Tyler Christopher will soon reprise his role as the Cassadine prince. There is no word on when Nikolas will first be on the air.

Miller’s fans will be disappointed but those who believed Laura’s son was alive will be elated.

‘GH’ left Billy Miller in limbo

Once Steve Burton returned to “General Hospital” everything changed for Billy Miller, who was declared at that point not to be Jason but his twin Andrew Cane. Drew lost Sam to his brother and his son who he just found out about last year, recently died. Elizabeth Hendrickson who was Miller’s love interest on “The Young and the Restless” came to “GH” and fans expected the two would be involved, but nothing ever came of it and Hendrickson has now returned to the CBS soap.

Although ”General Hospital” has kept Miller’s character front and center, the storylines he has had to work with leave much to be desired.

His past which he can’t remember includes being a childhood friend to Franco and knowing Shiloh when he was a Navy Seal. After months of trying to recall his former life, Drew no longer wants to remember as it may cause him to forget the life he has made during the last two years. There is no word on how Drew will exit Port Charles at this time, but his leaving without recovering his memory or his Shiloh connection being explained leaves things in limbo.

Tyler Christopher returns to ‘GH’

Tyler Christopher fans have been waiting two-and-a-half years for his return and their faith has been rewarded. There have been subtle hints during this time that have kept expectations alive. Spencer was on a secret cell phone talking to someone and Valentin always acts smug when Laura and Lulu accuse him of murdering Nikolas.

Ava recently spoke to a psychic who said that she could not detect that the Cassadine prince’s spirit was in the other realm. Now rumors have confirmed that Christopher is back on the set.

There will be a lot of questions that must be answered unless the “GH” writers change history. Shawn Butler is rotting in prison because he was found guilty of shooting Hayden, but Ms. Barnes who just returned to Port Charles knows Nikolas tried to have her killed. Ava and the Cassadine prince were becoming pretty close before he took a bullet from Valentin that was meant for her.