"Teen Mom 2" fans heard from both Kailyn and Leah Dawn Messer that they set off for a vacation in Hawaii. Leah posted some nice photos of the kids enjoying their time. Now, in Kaanapali, Maui, she took to her Instagram and revealed cameramen filming at the swimming pool. Various film teams often reveal these types of vacations. For example, TLC got quite busy as they recently accompanied the 7 Little Johnston's trip to San Francisco in California. Plus, they also covered the OutDaughtered Busby family on their cowboy vacation in Texas.

Leah Dawn Messer's vacation fail as the 'Teen Mom' 2 family departed

Just before Leah left for her Hawaii vacation she managed to fall into her own swimming pool. I reported that as "Leah Messer stars in her own 'America's Funniest Home Video.'" Well, since that hilarious incident, it looks like the vacation to Hawaii's been relatively incident-free. So far, Leah shared quite a lot of IG Stories and put up some lovely photos of the family.

In one post, Leah wrote, "My reason for everything!" She also used the hashtags "#girlgang" and "#hopegracefaith." That showed the girls and Leah standing against a blue water picture-postcard-perfect ocean. Another came on Independence day and that one showed them all in gorgeous outfits.

Looking like something from a fairy tale, Leah wrote to her "Teen Mom 2" fans, "Happy Independence Day from my all-girl gang tribe! We are so very thankful for all of those that serve and have served our country. Giving us the ability to freely celebrate this day and every day of the year together!

We can’t thank you enough!!"

Hawaii vacation, filming cameraman captured on vid

On Tuesday night, Leah shared an Instagram Story with fans of "Teen Mom 2." The kids were playing around in the swimming pool. Momma Dawn's also with the family and she's posting up photos as well. We catch a glimpse of her too. Anyway, the short video that Leah posted up showed the pool and the kids all running around.

You can see screencaps of that below.

Then one came from when the camera panned around the pool. There, clearly seen, is the cameraman. So it looks like the vacation's being filmed for an MTV season. Fans who saw the photos and posts about Hawaii would just about die to meet them on their vacation. However, sometimes when the crew's filming that makes it more difficult.

One Twitter follower, @AliArriola1, posted, "I just saw @TM2LeahDawn @KailLowry post they’re on their way to Maui and if they are staying @ the same resort as I am I may pass out. I’ve watched both of them since their first episode before the kids were born. [They're] both strong, determined women and I love their lifestyle."

"Teen Mom 2" fans commented on the pictures by Leah, saying they wished that they too could enjoy Hawaii.

Well, it looks like Leah Dawn Messer's Hawaii vacation's being filmed. That means that fans of the show get to share their in vacation, even if just vicariously. We can only hope that cameraman's part of the production team accompanying them on their vacation to Kaanapali, Maui.

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