Spoiler alerts for ”The Young and the Restless’ indicate that the next few weeks will be filled with sibling discord in Genoa City. Head writer Josh Griffith promised viewers he would have more family oriented storylines and he has delivered. The Newman’s and Abbott’s have been dealing with a lot of issues lately and now the focus seems to be on brother against brother and brother against sister. Victoria and Nick will continue attempting to gain leverage on Adam as he keeps taunting them both. Michael and Kevin will each give as good as he gets, while Jack decides to travel to Paris to visit Ashley.

‘Y&R’ siblings are over the top

The brothers and sisters on “ The Young and the a Restless“ take sibling rivalry to whole new levels. Ashley was so crushed that her brother used the Non-Abbott clause against her that she set an elaborate plan in place to get back at him. She went to great lengths to make Jack believe he was not John Abbott’s son. After being voted out as Jabot CEO, Ms. Abbott used Kerry as a spy to infiltrate the family business. Soaps She Knows says this week John Abbott’s oldest son will visit his sibling in Paris. The spoiler does not indicate whether he goes as a friend or foe.

’Y&R’spoilers also say that this week Michael will pressure his little brother to admit whatever scheme he is involved in.

Kevin and his sibling have been arguing ever since he returned to Genoa City. Michael knows his younger sibling kidnapped Phyllis and is working with Adam. The former DA is concerned Kevin will end up in serious trouble but the “ Chipmunk” wants his big bro to stay out of his business. Kevin and Michael love each other as much as Jack and Ashley but there is no love lost between Adam and his siblings.

’Y&R’ has Adam fighting against Nick and Victoria

Adam Newman has two of his three siblings coming at him and Abby is the only one staying neutral. Celeb Dirty Laundry says Victor’s bad seed will continue his schemes this week. Victoria gave him 50 million Lilongwe dollars to leave town, but he used the money to purchase Nick’s company Dark Horse.

Vicky has a plan to get the business back into Nick’s hands but was willing to tell her younger brother that Phyllis is about to double cross him. Adam refused to listen so his sister kept the info to herself.” Y&R” has so estranged Adam from Vickie and Nicholas there is probably no way to repair the damage.

Adam and Nick are each fighting for custody of Christian and they are also rivals for Chelsea. There is no telling how long this will go on or who will be victorious.. CDL and Soaps She Knows promise to give updated spoiler alerts as soon as new information is available.