As the summer has reached its midpoint, fans around the country know that it's nearing time for San Diego Comic-Con later this month. An official schedule has been released, and this year Marvel is returning to the convention and will hold a panel in Hall H. Marvel will return to the famous Hall H on July 20th. The panel will be 90 minutes and start at 5:15 PST. Of course, we know it will be extremely difficult to actually get into Hall H for the panel.

Inverse reports that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will be attending the panel. According to the official Comic-Con website, Feige and surprise panelists will provide a deeper look into the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This appears to be the final panel for Marvel's phase 3. The mention of "surprise panelists" has sparked rumors all over the internet. Marvel fans are speculating that the original 6 Avengers may be returning to Hall H for the last time.

Original Avengers team may return for possible discussion of 'Endgame'

Should they return to Comic-Con, it will most likely be the last time they are all together. This will also be a panel where they are all together and can discuss "Avengers: Endgame."

This could potentially be the best way to close the book on Phase 3 and the Infinity Saga. The panel could also include actors showing up from future Marvel projects. "Black Panther," "Doctor Strange," "Captain Marvel," and "Guardians of the Galaxy," are all scheduled for future installments.

Marvel Studios has also confirmed an upcoming Black Widow movie, as well as "The Eternals" movie.

This now leads us to Phase 4. As usual, not much is known about Phase 4, but Comic-Con appears to be the best place for Marvel to make some kind of announcements in that regards.

We may even be given a better idea of which films we can expect in the coming future.

We could even get a sneak peek at the Black Widow film, which is already being filmed. We could also be introduced to the new faces joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along with the returning familiar faces, some new faces may end up on the comic con stage.

Marvel Studios may hold back its biggest news for D23

However, there is one small problem.

Marvel may be considering holding back some of its biggest news for Disney's popular D23 Expo in August. Marvel will be making an appearance there as well. It would make sense for Disney to want to reveal its biggest news at its own convention.

Marvel is known for not disappointing their fans, so whatever is revealed at San Diego Comic-Con is definitely be exciting. It will be 90 minutes worth news and content that will give fans plenty more to salvate, speculate and discuss for the coming months.