"The InBetween" blends ghostly drama and crime procedural into a thrilling new series to shake up the summer. The NBC show follows Cassie, who is a young woman that can see the dead and uses her unique visions to aid her foster father and his partner in solving cases.

The show has a case of the week format to balance out a ghostly situation that Cassie is compelled to help which was evident in last week's episode when her old friend reached out for help getting her deceased fiancee to move on to the afterlife. The season has had six episodes so far but has delivered deep emotions, danger, mystery, and plenty of ghosts.

Cassie has helped give clues to solve some dark cases while managing to help a little girl crossover and freeing ghosts trapped in a hospital. She also receives help from Tom and her other foster dad Brian with reaching out to ghosts and helping the living.

The show stars Harriet Dyer, Paul Blackthorne, Justin Cornwell, Cindy Luna, Anne-Marie Johnson, and Chad James Buchanan.

A real crowd-pleasing drama

Paul Blackthorne shares with Collider about how he booked the pilot for “The InBetween” during “Arrow” and spent a month going between the two shows before it was his character's fate to leave the CW drama. The actor describes his character Tom as a very different kind of character from Quentin Lance and how it was nice to explore a different world.

He goes on to share that “The Inbetween” drew him in for its case of the week stories and the aspects of the family in the story which focus on Cassie and her foster dads and the dynamic between Tom and Damien.

The actor explains that Tom is so accepting of the paranormal because he raised Cassie from a young age and that he struggles as a parent out of fear for what Cassie goes through with the ghosts and visions.

Blackthorne rounds out the interview by sharing that the hat Tom sports was a creation out of his own mind and jokes that a man with no hair gets cold.

Harriet Dyer shares with Parade that she thought she would be landing a comedy show since that's what she was told she was best at before landing the role of Cassie. She goes onto explain that the show makes people feel better about their every day by knowing the loved ones that were lost are still around.

The actor also revealed that ten episodes were shot for the first season before going on to describe “The InBetween” as being a real crowd pleaser and advises people to tune in to watch a show that's carried out so well. Dyer shares that the writing and performances are solid while teasing that the show looks beautiful.

Cassie deals with a stalker and a former idol

Wednesday's episode “Let Me In Your Window” will focus on a case that finds Tom (Paul Blackthorne) and Damien (Justin Cornwell) going after a pyromaniac while Cassie (Harriet Dyer) senses something evil about the bartender she works with. The episode also delves back into Damien's girlfriend who is in a coma, but things will be taking a turn for her.

The promo teases the ghost of a stalker after a young woman (played by Molly Quinn of “Castle”) who Cassie works to protect. Quinn has been promoting her upcoming episode on Twitter with excited tweets and a behind the scene photo. The sneak peek provided by NBC features Tom and Damien on the scene investigating a car explosion that resulted in a death.

The episode “While the Song Remains the Same” will air July 31 and will find Tom and Damien solving the death of a vibrant young woman while Cassie deals with visions about complicated family history. A former idol of Cassie's reaches out to her from beyond the grave for her help right some past wrongs.