Jenelle Evans shared photos of Kaiser celebrating his fifth birthday with his friends and his family. In the photos, the kids all look like they enjoyed themselves. Jenelle got court permission to be there, and some fans misunderstood the situation. In fact, many of them slammed Barb for inviting David. In the meantime, Jenelle confirmed that Baraba didn't host the party, and it was held at Nathan's mom's home.

Kaiser's birthday photos showed Jenelle Evans and David Eason attended

"Teen Mom 2" fans know that the children in Jenelle's family split up after the court arranged for Barbara, Jenelle's mom to take Ensley.

Plus, she already has custody of Jenelle's son Jace. Kaiser went to his Dad, Nathan. So far, Jenelle and David only briefly saw the children at the court and the visits were supervised. For Jenelle, getting to the birthday for Kaiser seemed very special, as she quickly shared photos.

The children taken out of her custody came after David Eason shot and killed Jenelle's little dog Nugget. Since then, Jenelle got slammed for staying with David Eason, instead of taking the kids away from him. The ongoing custody court case led to some confrontation between Jenelle and her mom, and David Eason as well. Nathan, the dad of Kaiser's fighting to keep custody of his son. So, for the adults, celebrating a kid's birthday could be awkward.

However, it seemed they were all adult about it.

Fans wrongly slam Barb, Jenelle's mom for 'inviting' David Eason

Barbara shared some photos of Kaiser's birthday on her Instagram. Some fan grew angry that she "allowed" David Eason to be there. Others slammed her for "inviting" David to Kaiser's special day. In fact, it was the courts who allowed the couple to attend Kaiser's birthday.

It really was not Barb's decision to allow David Eason's attendance. One critic, Rik** posted, "was always a huge fan of Barbs and always stuck up for her but shes no d*mn better than the rest of them. The court needs to step in and take these kids away from all of them! WTH happened to protecting the children!?!? You sure aren’t doing that inviting their abuser to their Birthday party."

That comment was really snarky, and the poster obviously does not understand how the courts work.

Another follower, Anth** wrote, "Why is this allowed? WHYYYY is david allowed anywhere near these kids? You and nathan should be protecting them from him. YOU have to be [stupid] to think hes doing this to be a good guy. Hes doing this to look good to get the kids back and abuse them again." Other similar comments also flooded Barbara's Instagram.

Nathan's mom hosted the party, Jenelle confirmed

On Jenelle's Instagram, one commenter said, "Clearly she is at Barb’s for the party!" However, that observation was incorrect. Actually, Jenelle confirmed that Barbara never hosted the party. In fact, Nathan's mom hosted it. Jenelle replied, saying, " No actually we were at Nathan’s moms... with my mom and all the kids and Nathan/Ashley."

While you may think the whole world hates on the "Teen Mom 2" alum, actually quite a lot of fans liked that all the adults and kids got together for a nice day.

They were not happy that Barbs got slammed for supposedly 'inviting' and 'hosting' the party. Now, it turns out those haters were totally wrong.

What do you think about the fact that Jenelle Evans confirmed Nathan's mom actually hosted Kaiser's birthday party? Also, the visit was approved by the court, so it's not up to Barb to make the birthday party decision. Do you think people slammed Barb for no reason?

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