Faithful “Today” fans know that Jenna Bush Hager has been putting in supermom hours on the morning broadcast. Still parenting at home, too, Jenna is even keeping up with prenatal vitamins to stay healthy for the son she expects to welcome to the world in a matter of weeks. Her older daughters have been putting in practice to care for their baby brother and getting used to sharing their mommy three ways.

Kathie Lee Gifford often commented that Jenna Bush Hager was at her best when her daughters behaved just like daughters on the air. No one will ever forget the morning when her two girls better led a rousing chorus of “Mommy has a cat!” last year, and the iconic exclamation has now become part of “Today” show history.

Jenna Bush Hager kept her word to the oldest daughter, Mila, 7, yesterday, July 11, and took her to work. Kids are nothing if not surprising, and Mila made herself quite at home on the set. This morning’s July 12 opener was another fun one for the former teacher, author, and current book club sensation, Hager. She and Willie Geist confessed several words they each mispronounce, despite their careers in professional broadcasting.

Between the daughters and distinct dialects, the morning hosts had lots of laughs.

Tricky to say

It wasn't long before regional trends took over the pronunciation issues. Willie Geist was delighted that pecan pie was put in his coffee mug by producers. He pronounced the nut as a long “e“ with “can,” while Jenna, being Texan, said “puh-kan.” Both options are considered correct.

The hosts solicited fan suggestions.

No less than Lin Manuel Miranda understood the meaning of “epitome” when he was six-years-old, but thought it should rhyme with “home.” The word “banal” brought the biggest laughs for the hosts, and neither host could think of a nice context for that word, no matter how anyone says it.

Caveat” is a word that comes up frequently for Geist during his political discussions on “Morning Joe,” but some have difficulty with the word referring to stipulation.

Cyber-related words like “meme” and “GIF” still give Willie Geist pause.

Jenna Bush Hager candidly confessed that “50 percent of what I say” is mispronounced. Much of her dialect distinction comes from Southern heritage, such as stressing the “T’s” in words like “mitten” and “important.” The working mother frequently receives correction from her kids on words as well.

Willie told her that he found her tendencies with consonants endearing. Her drawl is unmistakable.

Making herself at home

Willie Geist reminisced on how his daughter, Lucy, used to say endearing words. When Jenna Bush Hager brought Mila to work with her, the words might have been few, but clearly, the young lady is at ease on the set.

She graciously accepted a peanut butter pretzel from Willie Geist and made her way from her mother's lap to comfortably sitting on the floor by a table leg. Mama Hager declared that things had gone “rogue” with the impromptu appearance on camera, but as always, Jenna Bush Hager just let real life happen, happy to be a mother.