The movie “The Cave” draws inspiration from a real life story of rescue from a near-impossible situation. It was in July 2018 that a Thailand Soccer team was stuck in a cave for 17 days. The incident drew international attention and experts arrived to provide advice on how to rescue them. Among them were divers from different countries who pooled their expertise to rescue the 12 children and the coach of the Wild Boars soccer team from the cave. These four divers will appear in the movie in their original roles. They are Erik Brown from Canada, Mikko Paasi from Finland, Jim Warny from Belgium and Tan Xiaolong from China.

The Guardian reports that Tom Waller, a Thai-Irish director will be at the helm of “The Cave.” There are more than one movie on the Tham Luang cave rescue and Waller says his offering will give the most authentic account of the happening. It will feature the divers who were “the unsung heroes” and dialects would be in Chinese, Thai, and English. That will build the mood.

Tom Waller elaborates

The director of “The Cave” explains that he wanted the film to be an honest portrayal of the events. The information available on the happenings at the Tham Luang cave was sketchy.

To ensure an accurate picture Tom Waller decided to involve the divers who had arrived from various countries to attend to a humanitarian issue. Therefore, he relied on local and international characters, and gave them freedom to “speak in their own tongue.” He also revealed that officials associated with the rescue were reluctant to open up.

The Guardian goes on to add that it is easier to get accurate information from the foreigners because they are independent of the government of Thailand. That was an advantage for Waller. Two of the divers Erik Brown and Mikko Paasi had taught the trapped boys the art of how to use scuba masks and navigate through the narrow tunnels.

The movie will release later this year.

‘The Cave’ is in a new genre

According to Hollywood Reporter, the story of Thai-Irish director Tom Waller's film revolves around last year's dramatic rescue mission to save 12 boys and their coach. They remained stranded in the Tham Luang cave in the northern Thai province of Chiang Rai for 17 days. Apart from the four foreign divers there will be an American newcomer James Edward Holley. He will be in the role of a U.S. Air Force Major. There also be real-life American journalist Todd Ruiz, who will reprise his role as a live reporter. The massive rescue operation included the efforts of thousands of people, including divers, aid workers, government agencies, volunteers, police officers and Thai soldiers. Director Tom Waller has two Thai films to his credit and Netflix acquired both. “The Cave” is now in postproduction stage.