General Hospitalwill be altering Port Charles history when Tristan Rogers begins having more screen time and his character, Robert, Is named the new district attorney. Until now, Mr. Scorpio has always been a WSB agent, but that’s about to change. Perhaps the writers are taking their cues from “The Young and the Restless” where veteran characters are being showcased, once again. Last week it was announced on “GH” that Mac would take over as interim police commissioner while Jordan recuperates and there has been more activity at his business establishment, The Floating Rib.

Now, his older sibling’s resume will include law school and he will step into his new position, once DA Margeaux Dawson is officially gone.

'GH' puts Tristan Rogers front and center

”General Hospital” has been writing the Scorpio brothers into more of recent episodes than they had previously. Mac is going to temporarily return as police commissioner, but it could always be made permanent in the future. Now Soap Dirt says that Tristan Rogers will have additional screen time because he will step into the role of Port Charles DA once Margeaux is officially out of the picture,

”General Hospital” will tweak Port Charles history by saying that Robert Scorpio has a law degree. Soap Dirt indicates that this will enable him to become the new District Attorney when Margaux leaves town.

The spoiler does not say whether Robert seeks the position on his own, or if it is suggested by someone else, only that he will become the new DA. The writers are obviously going somewhere with the Scorpio brothers being placed in these top positions. It’s even possible that Jordan will go in a different direction, and Mac will remain the police commissioner.

'GH' needs law and order

“General Hospital” spoilers, from Soap Opera Spy, indicate that law and order are much needed in Port Charles. Shiloh's crimes continue, and soon Nelle and Ryan will break out of prison. Sonny, Jason, Julian, Alexis and others will be fighting the urge to take the law into their own hands. The Scorpio siblings operating in top law enforcement positions will be quite interesting.

The WSB recently cut Robert loose, he knows where a lot of skeletons are buried and his past is not exactly squeaky clean. The idea that he has a law degree and qualified to be the district attorney is a stretch, but viewers will have fun watching it all play out.

Tristan Rogers had been simultaneously portraying agent Scorpio as well as Colin Atkinson on “The Young and the Restless” where he was traveling the world with wife Jill. Not long ago Jill announced that the two had split up, so he may no longer be needed in Genoa City. Perhaps this is why “General Hospital” has decided to make better use of this talented veteran actor,