Scott Stapp understands the power of a song more intimately than most artists can imagine. The frontman and lyricist felt the greatest compliment that any artist can receive over and over through his unparalleled rise with Creed through the 90s into the millennium. From small to large local Florida venues to gigantic arenas across the world, throngs of fans would fill the coveted pit to feel the passion from Scott Stapp’s soul poured out from the stage, and they felt every word they would sing back to him.

The same phenomenon is still happening to Scott Stapp this summer, in the most dynamic resurgence and deeply personal statement of his solo career.

On tour in support of his third solo album, “The Space Between the Shadows,” which will release on July 19, Stapp is taking to the road from middle America to Texas to the Northeast and his homeland roots on his largest solo outing ever.

Already, the choruses from 20+ years of songs etched into souls and psyches are echoing back to the artist. He is the standard-bearer for the musical legacy that lives on for so many, one that inspires the truth of lasting hope that is always “left for you and me,” even in the darkest struggles. The reason every verse resonates so purely is that the man who wrote them lived the journey, more than once. His mantras of revelation in “Purpose For Pain,” “Name” and the latest released song from the album, “Face Of The Sun” pulsate with courage and conviction that can only be hard-won.

From the stage, the new songs and the old reverberate with authenticity.

A heart bruised and battered but never vanquished learns a greater capacity for grace and healing. Scott and his wife, Jaclyn, have always expressed and elaborated those lessons beyond the stage and public platforms. The demands of a day on the road can be consuming for any artist, all culminating with the few hours in a performance that fulfill dreams come true for fans.

On a recent stop in Toledo, Ohio, Scott and Jaclyn Stapp, along with members of the band, made personal deliveries of delight to a young audience at St. Vincent Mercy Health Children's Hospital. These patients would not be feet from the stage, but forever in the hearts of their inspired visitors.

The smiles say it all

As proven by the June 30 post on social media from Scott Stapp, no hospital mask can hide the joyful smiles from the multimillion-selling songwriter and his wife.

Scott, Jaclyn, and band members donned their required protective gear, and their eyes still glowed with joy in the rooms of seriously ill children, whose immune systems prevent them from many outside interactions. As the couple introduced some cuddly companions and copies of Jaclyn's children's book, “Wacky Jacky: The True Story of an Unlikely Beauty Queen,” the interactions and expressions of caring brightened the days and the faces of children, parents, and nurses who exemplify their own courage daily in the process of healing. Compassion is a critical component.

Hospitals are never unfamiliar territory for Scott and Jaclyn Stapp.

Jaclyn's widowed mother was an orthopedic nurse during her youth in Florida, and Jaclyn and her four siblings often volunteered, doing whatever they could for the children and families in that setting. Jaclyn’s older sister became a physician, and none of the family lost sight of empathy. Scott and Jaclyn have paid visits to other hospitals in El Paso, and both make the needs of children and families central to their charitable outreaches.

The Scott Stapp With Arms Wide Open Foundation and Jaclyn Stapp’s CHARM (Children Are Magical) Foundation coordinate with community resources to raise awareness of issues for youth, families, and veterans.

Besides the grins, fist bumps, and concert gear for gifts, Scott Stapp and his band put on a mini-concert, only for this very special, private audience.

It was hard to tell whether the kids, the parents, or the staff delighted in the set most, but no one will forget the day.

Giving goes worldwide for this musician. Scott and his family have been ambassadors for ChildFund International for the past five years, and before the tour embarked in June, Scott, Jaclyn, and a bandmate fulfilled a mission trip to Ecuador that became very life-impacting.

Giving on the go

The dates for the current tour run into October and Scott and Jaclyn are dedicated to maintaining family bonds even amidst the barrage of schedule, shows, and ensuring special family moments. Their children at home now range from a tween to a toddler who will turn 2 in November, and a son turning 9 on July 4.

The ages and stages alone require the talents of a super-parent, but it's the simple moments that mean the most, like seeing dad’s face first thing in the morning, even on the tour bus. Whenever possible, the kids come along on the road, while their grandmother keeps things grounded at home.

Giving back in big and small ways was a living lesson from Jaclyn's mother, and one of the most important events in the CHARM Foundation calendar is the Back-to-School Bash to provide school supplies and resources to ensure a successful start to the school year for underprivileged youth. This year’s event will be August 4 at the Kirkpatrick Center in Nashville.

More than providing school essentials, the confidence that comes to a child from a caring adult who invests time to create a fresh start is priceless.

The outreach has also bonded the Stapp family even more deeply with their Nashville neighbors and community. Jaclyn is still managing details across the miles, thanks to many helping hands.

From their neighborhoods to the stage and foreign lands, making heart-to-heart connections comes naturally to this generous family, making a difference between the music.