"90 Day Fiance" fans waited anxiously for Olga to arrive in the USA. Eventually, she got here and we started seeing a bit more about them. For a while though, there came a deathly hush. Fans speculated that because she arrived but never instantly went online, that they might be filming. In a Q&A Sunday night, she would not commit to filming for the TLC series. However, she never closed the lid on it. But, she did clarify on a second baby and getting married.

Steven Frend and Olga's '90 Day Fiance' baby Alex grows up fast

Fans of the show know that Steven left Russia to come back and prepare for Olga and his baby Alex (Richie) to come over.

He got a job, got down to it, and finally announced their air ticket was bought and paid for. At the time, fans were rather keen to see a big splash when he met Olga and Alex again, on American soil. It never happened, but fans hope to see it one day in the future.

Of course, once they started sharing photos of their life together in the USA, fans grew astounded as baby Alex's not such a baby anymore. In fact, one of the graphic examples of that showed Alex with his dad at the pool on Fathers Day. He's reaching that rather adorable and Instagram-ready stage. Now, on her Q&A, Olga spoke about whether it's time for a sibling for Alex.

No baby planned soon, says '90 Day Fiance's' Olga

Olga's really certain that for now, she's enjoying America, Steven, and her little boy Alex.

When one fan asked her if they plan another baby, Olga simply said. "Nope!." That one-word answer was very emphatic. Mind you, they're young and experienced more stress than young couples who live just down the road from each other. So, if you wanted more baby news, it looks that's some time away yet.

It's evident from various posts on their Instagram that the couple adores their little boy.

But why rush things? Good thinking Olga! After all, just the other day, and in one of her stories, she noted that she's already feeling a bit stuck in the house. She's learning to drive and gets cooped up in an apartment without Steven around. Olga says Alex misses being outdoors. So, maybe a second child's not the best place to be in right now.

Marriage plans not being rushed

One fan asked if the "90 Day Fiance" couple plan to marry soon. Olga said not just yet. She replied, "I don't know, we have our 90 days." Hopefully, that means they won't postpone it to the point where they have visa issues. But, one thing about the USA, it's not that hard to get married, so they still have some time to get it right before committing to "forever."

Other subjects Olga mentioned included the fact that Steven speaks English to little Alex all the time, and she speaks Russian. Actually, it's getting to the point where sometimes Steven knows something in Russian, and Alex will reply in that language. So it looks like the little bilingual boys' growing up with the advantage of two languages.

Travel and living in the USA

Olga also talked about travel in the USA. A fan asked her, "Are you and your family ging to travel more in the US?" Olga said, "absolutely!." She added that there are "so many beautiful places...[she] would "hate to miss seeing." On what she "likes best about living in the USA," Olga says it's still quite new to her. She pointed out that it's only been around a "month," But so far people seem polite and kind. While she doe not "have any high expectations," she's going to "enjoy" her "time right now."

On doing another show with TLC, Olga never shut it down, but just asked if fans would like to see more of them.

What do you think about Steven Frend and Olga not rushing into marriage and a new baby? Do think it's safer for them to take a cautious route? After all, she's a long way from home, and maybe the small family just wish to enjoy some time together before more tiny tots come along.

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