"90 Day Fiance" fans heard that Jay Smith got arrested for allegedly violating a protection order that Ashley Martson filed. Now, he sits in jail and could be deported. Later, Instagram posts emerged that Jay allegedly forced himself on Ashley. Now, social media erupted over the various allegations by various parties. Meanwhile, John Yates, the well-known guru of the show says he "quit." Jay's sister's dishing the smoking tea hot on social media, and the person who says she's Ashley's mom denies claims she pawned her engagement rings in Jamaica.

Hot tea and nastiness goes over the top about '90 Day Fiance's' Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

Fans of the TLC show always expect some scripting or slanting of a story and possibly there is some. However, the hot tea allegations coming out right now insinuate that the show set Jay up for cheating. There's so much stuff on the Instagram page of Jay's sister, that if even a fraction of it is true, then it's serious. Of course, much of it can't be repeated in a family news site like Blasting News. That's one really angry, spitting mad sister.

The scale of the allegations could, in fact, lead to legal issues going forward, or even more. Actually, John Yates said on his IG that a message he shared came from the same person who previously allegedly threatened his life.

That post appears to have been removed since it went up but it was not shown who sent it. John's been standing by Ashley Martson and considers her something of a friend. Fans know he's a "90 Day Fiance" fundi and he's been pushing Ashley's version. But he said he's so over it all that he "quit."

Jay set up at the hot tea barber shop allegation

According to Raine Smith, Jay's sister, the scene in "90 Day Fiance" where Jay allegedly cheated with a woman at the barber was a "setup." That episode was all over Instagram and Twitter.

Starcasm reminds us, "After a girl began commenting on Smith’s social media, Martson went to the barbershop that Smith often hung around to get to the bottom of the story. One of the men there told her that Smith had been caught having s*x with a woman in the bathroom during the workday. He even showed her a video of him confronting Smith about the incident."

But to read the version by Jay Smith's sister, it comes out that she alleges the "90 Day Fiance" show set him up.

Her version says that Ashley called [her] up after the filming to say that "the show set it up." She also added that Jay, with the hots, "fell right in the trap." Raine also alleges that "they don't care because they all got their $500." We know Jay said to Ashley, "You don't know why I did it." That came when she "assaulted" him on camera. According to Raine, it's because allegedly, she "cheated on him countless times."

Raine also targets the person who says she's Ashley's mom

Fury extends to allegations against the woman who says she's Ashley's mom. Cindy got attacked in the string of posts as well. That post reads, "Ashley's mom pawned her engagement ring in Jamaica and broke a Guinness bottle." The allegations continue by saying that she "used the broken glass to cut herself on both sides of her face." That was allegedly so she could "claim she was robbed." In response to that Cindy Garney said she didn't pawn her engagement ring and that she'll "take a picture" of it.

It seems that all of this is a way to try and back up Raine's belief that the "90 Day Fiance" show and Ashley Martson exploited her brother. The story is that they met on Facebook. However, Raine claims that is a lie. She alleges that Jay and Ashley "met through Natalie." (The ex-friend). She adds, "Then they started communicating on Facebook."

Did Ashley Martson lie about not knowing Jay's age?

Talking about that, Raine Smith suggests that Ashley did, in fact, know Jay was only 20. She says that's because "he told her but she did not care as she wanted a 20 year old Black d***." Other than that, there's a whole screed of these allegations against Ashley Martson.

Some of them were actually removed by Instagram for containing "offensive content." One of Raine's posts alleges she fabricated her own r*pe story and leaked it. Meanwhile, fans of the two stars are divided and things get vicious.

John Yates followers beg him to stay with the show, but advise him not to make "favorites." They grow concerned for him, plus he dishes regularly on the tea. Plus, what he shared about Jay allegedly forcing himself on Ashley, is also on another influencer's account. Quite why John is getting attacked like this and not the others who shared the story is not clear. John previously claimed he was with Ashley when texts came in about it.

What do you think about all the smoking hot tea being spilled by Jay Smith's sister Raine?

Do you think this all went too far? Is she right? Because if she is, John's under threat by someone, Ashley's mom is facing public dissing and even TLC faces some disturbing allegations.

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