The entertainment world is mourning the loss of a bright light that no longer shines. Talented actor Cameron Boyce died in his sleep on Saturday at the age of 20. His family says the cause of death was an ongoing medical problem for which he was being treated. They did not, however, disclose just what that condition was. Boyce has an impressive resume beginning in childhood. He portrayed Luke Ross in “Jessie” and Carlos in the popular Disney trilogy, “Descendants.” He also had the role of Michael Stone Cates Jr. in 2008 on General Hospital”, Night Shift.

According to MSN, his family issued a statement saying they were devastated at the loss of their son, grandson, and brother and wished for their privacy at this time.

'General Hospital' Night Shift

In 2007, Soap Net began airing a “GH” spinoff called “General Hospital” Night Shift. A young Cameron Bryce began portraying Michael Stone Cates Jr. in 2008 when he was only nine years old. His character was named after his TV uncle, Stone who died after being diagnosed with HIV. His father, Jagger, was in a custody battle with his mother and eventually left Port Charles to move to San Francisco. Once the series was canceled only a few of the cast went back to the original show.

“General Hospital“ hosts the annual Nurses Ball each May in honor of the original Stone Cates, and Robin Scorpio Drake who contracted HIV from him.

There has been no mention on “GH” of Stone’s namesake and Cameron Boyce had not made any appearances on the parent program. Neither has he been mentioned on the ABC daytime drama. Bryce’s rise to prominence seems tied to his connection to the Disney channel.

Cameron Bryce in Descendants 3

Cameron Boyce portrayed Cruella Deville’s son, Carlos, in the first two installments of Disney’s wildly popular “Descendants.” His character Carlos has hair that is salt and pepper colored, which is no doubt is a reference to his mom, Cruella, whose tresses are black on one side and gray on the other.

“Descendants 3 “ is scheduled for release in about a month which indicates that filming was probably wrapped up prior to the ac!or’s death.

There has been no notice at this time indicating that the release date will be pushed back because of the Disney star’s untimely demise. It’s unfortunate for those are grieving, but things will probably proceed as planned regarding the film.

Cameron Boyce fans are devastated and expressing their despair on social media. Some, perhaps all may find it difficult to watch him on screen, knowing he has just passed away. According to MSN, the actor had quite a Bryce reportedly died of a seizure while sleeping but the family is not disclosing any more detail at this time.