"90 Day Fiance" fans know that Ashley Martson always has something going on in her life. In fact, between divorce issues with Jay Smith, Lupus, depression, and calling herself a bad decision-maker, it's terribly hard to keep up. This week's been one that seemed full on for Ashley. Now, she's going on a cruise after another hospital admission for Lupus cut her wellness retreat short.

Ashley Martson planned her week, it fell apart

Ashley announced that she was going to take herself off for about a week to deal with her depression. Some people heard she was going into rehab, but she clarified on her stories on IG that she went to a wellness center for women.

It was all about coping with depression and feeling her life's a mess. Plus, she took a lot of personal stress with Jay Smith. At the time, she also notified that business inquiries would be dealt with on IG but someone else would take over her Instagram. However, she deleted her account, then reactivated it in the space of one day.

Ashley said she would not be on IG, but she does continue to share on Instagram Stories. Anyway, it looks like a lot of her plans unraveled as "90 Day Fiance" fans heard she ended up in hospital on Wednesday. Popculture reported that her Lupus flared up again. InTouch Weekly's source told them she only expected to be there for a short stay.

According to the outlet, the source said, "'She was diagnosed with pyelonephritis" They also noted that Ashley went in for "IV antibiotics for 24 hours and then she will be OK to go home.”

Hospital and Wellness plus the IG up and down like a yoyo for '90 Day Fiance' star

Sadly for Ashley, many followers of the TLC show just don't really believe much that she says these days.

For a start, her stories constantly change, and haters can't forget the time she and Jay lied about their split in December. That left people feeling defrauded by her and TLC. The divorces that went on and off also confused them. Then whether she went to the hospital for Lupus or not confused them, and various Gofundme's angered them.

But, Ashley even admits that she makes some poor decisions. In fact, once she said he got a dart in her brain as a young kid and that didn't help. I reported that on the UK site of Blasting News. It was nice though, to hear that she looked for help with her state of mind to be the "best that she could be" as she said in one of her IG stories. The Hollywood Gossip confirmed she got upset when media referred to "Rehab" instead of a wellness center, but it looks like whatever it was, the "90 Day Fiance" star never really got the full five days she wanted.

A cruise might help Ashley Martson of '90 Day Fiance' get it all together

Today, June 21, Ashley went onto her newly restored Instagram that she said in a story, needed to go up again.

That was because she had promo contracts that need honoring. She posted a nice photo and invited a Q&A session with "90 Day Fiance" fans. She wrote, "Event in NYC tonight, then cruising to the Caribbean for a week so ask me now." She added, "I won't be tuning in or active on Sunday."

Hopefully, Ashley cools it down a bit at her NYC event, as the InTouch Weekly source said she returns home to rest after her release from the hospital. Events can get quite hectic, after all. Maybe the cruise is what she really needs. She sure sounds like she could use some wind-down time after her plans all unraveled. To summarise, poor Ashley planned a week at a wellness center. That got cut short when she went to the hospital for her Lupus again.

She went home to rest but now that got cut short as she has to go to this event in NYC. Plus, her Instagram was manned by her "team" but that never worked, so she took it down. Then she put it up again.

We won't hear from '90 Day Fiance' Ashley on Sunday

Well, as we won't hear from Ashley on Sunday, hopefully, this means she's getting the break from social media she's been wanting for ages now. What do you think about Ashley Marston going on a cruise after the week of wellness got cut short, hospital, and Instagram problems? Do you have problems keeping up with the fast-changing life of Ashley?

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