"The Young and the Restless" is increasing the presence of the Newman family in Genoa City, and this week Victor teams up with Victoria against Adam. Although he is battling a life-threatening illness, the family patriarch desires to right some wrongs. Vickie feels responsible for her half brother taking Dark Horse from Nick and has devised a plan to get the company back. When she runs her idea by her dad, she is surprised that he agrees. Meanwhile, the brothers are locked in a battle for both Christian and Chelsea. Viewers who wanted to see Newman’s front and center again should be thankful they are getting what they asked for.

'Y&R' has Victor and Victoria on the same side

"Y&R" spoilers from Soaps She Knows say that Victoria is devastated that Adam used the money she gave him to take over Nick’s company. She thought her half-sibling would use the $50 million to leave town, but he double-crossed her. Now that her father had given her the CEO position at Newman Enterprises, Vickie feels empowered. She devised a plan to take Dark Horse away from Adam and runs it by her dad and is elated when Victor agrees with what she is doing.

"Y&R" head writer Josh Griffith promised the Newman’s would be front and center again and viewers are happy that he is keeping his word. Having Victor support Victoria is surprising after years of conflict, but fans will love it.

There are no details yet regarding the exact plan that will be set in motion, but Adam probably will never see it coming. He will be so busy trying to keep Chelsea away from Nick and obtain custody of Christian that he will probably let his guard down.

'Y&R' revives rivalry between Victoria and Phyllis

"Y&R" spoiler alerts from Soap Dirt tease that Victoria starts another battle with Phyllis because of all the pain she has put her through.

Last week Ms. Summers asked Vickie if she were after her or Adam and the response was, both. Now that she knows her father is backing her, and she is solid with Billy, Victoria probably feels invincible. Once she reclaims Dark Horse for Nick, she will have bested both her enemies in one strategic move.

"The Young and the Restless" viewers are delighted to see long-time characters get more screen time and a Newman battle is always intriguing.

Spoilers say Victor will warn his daughter not to underestimate Adam and she will do well to heed this advice. Kevin has been digging up dirt on Nick and may give the prodigal son something damaging regarding his brother.