When Calls the Heart” is as well known for its faithful, enduring fans as it is for its uplifting themes in every storyline. The love and loyalty of diehard “Hearties” were proven as never before through Season 6 of the Hallmark Channel favorite series when a major cast member exit called on everyone involved with “When Calls the Heart” to pull together and re-create the Season 6 that was already complete. Brian Bird, the drama’s primary showrunner and executive producer, continually stayed in contact with the followers who set the series flying high, encouraging them through the necessary “creative hiatus” to keep the faith and know that everyone on “When Calls the Heart” was lifted by their support.

Cast members, including Paul Greene and Andrea Brooks, who portray Dr. Carson Shepherd, and his nurse, Faith Carter, and Pascale Hutton, who plays Hope Valley’s most spirited and stalwart advocate, Rosemary, added social media support. Each star conveyed their gratitude and assurance to fans that “When Calls the Heart” would carry on. The leading lady, Erin Krakow, offered a quote from the drama itself to exemplify loyalty and support.

The Season 6 finale was filled with life-affirming joy and themes of family like never before, depicting baby Jack's christening with deeply heartfelt commitment. The episode gave fans plenty to ponder over the months from June to January, leaving them with Elizabeth dancing in Lucas’ (Chris McNally) arms, and her eyes following Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) as he left the Founders’ Day dance.

Per the Deseret News on June 26, “When Calls the Heart” faithful have another cherished tradition to look forward to this fall. The “Hearties” Family Reunion 5—the HFR5 convention—has a firm date on the calendar. Even those viewers not fortunate enough to be able to trek to Vancouver can vicariously revel in the abundant joy sure to flow from the annual celebration.

Calling all ‘Hearties’

The 2019 HFR5 convention is set for October 4-6 in Vancouver. The June 19 social media post from the Hearties HFR Twitter page declares: “DETAILS COMING SOON!” A promise of a re-launched HFR website is made in another announcement.

A video snippet captures the beaming smiles of Hearties from all parts of the globe.

Many plan their whole year around these chosen fall dates. The cast and crew of “When Calls the Heart” make a habit of being as cordial and available as possible to their public despite being very pressed for time. Numerous interviews and “sneak peek” features are sought during the HFR convention crush.

Registration and tickets for last year's gathering were open through a number of days, so fans have the opportunity to be chosen to receive access several times via drawing through the period. The new announcement advises followers to “keep your eyes and ears peeled” as new information comes.

At last year's convention, Erin Krakow had her own camera handy to capture memorable moments from the fans.

She frequently shares the convention fun on her social media, and this year will likely be no exception. On her last visit to “Home & Family,” Erin mentioned that she would be traveling to Hawaii and to a “When Calls the Heart” castmate’s birthday celebration during her brief break from filming.

The scripts haven't been set in stone for Elizabeth Thornton and the other residents of Hope Valley, but Erin more than hinted that her character would be “ready” to open her heart to the possibility of love again in Season 7, and described her “pretty decent options” when the time came.

Blossoming hope

Brian Bird expressed that the HFR5 convention would be “a celebration of ‘When Calls the Heart’ and ‘When Hope Calls.’” The convention events always provide an opportunity for fans to mix and mingle with their admired cast members.

This will be the first opportunity for fans to meet the two leading ladies of “When Hope Calls.”

Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan star as sisters Grace and Lillian, who grew up in separate orphanages after the loss of their parents. The siblings are prompted and inspired by their own life struggles to start their own orphanage in Brookfield. They must navigate the emotions and hurdles of the new venture while learning about each other. “When Hope Calls” is a video subscription series offered through Hallmark Movies Now and will premiere in August.

Between the delight and memories of an HFR5 convention, the new adventure of “When Hope Calls,” and Season 7 of “When Calls the Heart” to bring in the new year, no “Heartie” can keep from smiling.