Paul Greene of “When Calls the Heart” has been very busy over the last few months. The star, who portrays Dr. Carson Shepherd on the beloved Hallmark Channel drama, has been much more prominent in Season 6 storylines. His character’s relationship with the nurse Faith Carter, played by Andrea Brooks, has been one of the bright lights of hope for viewers who love to be transported to Hope Valley every Sunday. The good doctor not only administers care and common sense in equal measure but also knows that healing takes much more than medicine.

When Calls the Heart” is celebrating the Season 6 finale with Hope Valley’s annual Founder’s Day Festival this coming Sunday (June 2).

The episode promises to be rich in love, faith, and community unity, which characterizes the drama, along with a dash of the unexpected surprise.

Paul Greene had a surprise of his own on Memorial Day weekend, all the way from Italy. The actor celebrated the answer that every man hopes for from his beloved, Kate Austin, and shared a portrait on social media that captured the music of the heart for this musician and actor.

The setting and the sentiment was as romantic as any “When Calls the Heart” scene for Paul Greene and his gorgeous fiancée, according to details he shared with Entertainment Tonight in a May 28 feature. This real-life love seems to be a lifetime destiny.

Wisdom in selflessness

Just a few weeks ago, Paul Greene paid a visit to “Home & Family,” and reflected on the value of putting the love in one’s life as a priority above any selfish needs. He was referring to Dr. Shepherd’s attempts to help Faith and her father to mend their relationship on “When Calls the Heart,” but clearly, the dedicated fiancé already had his future wife and their future together in mind.

Love truly came at first sight for Paul Greene, and the moment didn't even happen in person. The actor saw a photo of Kate and felt himself instantly falling in love. He asked a friend to introduce her, and, within an hour, he messaged Austin to ask her to go to a movie. All of the flurry of attraction “happened within an hour” of first seeing the photo.

That typical date at the movies must have been life-changing for both lovebirds. Paul Greene described that “we are like two puzzle pieces that just fit perfectly together in every way.” He also gushed that his beautiful red-haired lady “keeps getting more amazing as time goes on,” much like their connection. Kate has also become very special to Paul Greene’s older son, Oliver, from a previous marriage. The natural development in that bond was also pivotal to the father’s confirmation that he had found the right woman.

Paul Greene first announced the happy news of the engagement against the rustic, beautiful background of Matera, Italy, adding a bevy of pertinent and joyful hashtags. Later the star shared a cozy photo that would be worthy in for any “When Calls the Heart” scene.

Not waiting for wedding music

Paul Greene and his beloved Kate don’t need to bother with hiring a DJ or some unknown band to play at their wedding. The actor, who is also a very accomplished musician, has already written the perfect ballad of devotion for the special day.

I Love Now” is the song Paul Greene wrote about “the moment and our love,” relates the composer. The star performed the song to “play off” his “Home & Family” appearance. The upbeat ballad doesn't merely proclaim the wonder of finding love, it also conveys the message that now is the only moment that anyone truly has, so every little joy of life should be celebrated.

Paul Greene’s latest album, “Freedom for Your Soul,” is a collection of heartfelt, intimate songs with Americana, country, and pop influences. Greene wrote and crafted the songs in dedication to his father, who passed after a battle with ALS. The actor is very devoted to his mother, who can be seen at many “Heartie” events and in shared photos.

“When Calls the Heart” is famous for giving fans memorable weddings, and now, Paul Greene and Kate Austin, and their moms, have a beautiful wedding of their own to plan, celebrate, and savor for a lifetime.