On “General Hospital," third-grade teacher Willow Tate has been dealt one harsh blow after another. Since coming to Port Charles, she has been bullied by Nina, has lost her job, and has discovered the cult leader, Shiloh, who she has been hiding from people in her new hometown. He is also attempting to gain custody of the baby he believes she is hiding from him. Spoiler alerts say that on Friday, things will go from bad to worse when Michael Corinthos gives his friend some devastating news. In the midst of all the drama, Willow has a lot of people who appreciate her and will find they are willing to be in her corner during this trying time.

‘GH’ showcases Willow

Port Charles residents, as well as many "General Hospital" viewers, are tired of Shiloh and wish he was long gone. No one, however, seems to mind the way Willow Tate is being showcased. The school teacher is literally being portrayed as a damsel in distress. Both Chase and Michael are at her beck and call, often simultaneously. Soap Opera Spy indicates that on Friday, Michael will tell his friend that her father was murdered, which indicates that Willow was not responsible for his death.

”General Hospital” writers took their time before allowing Willow to begin dating Chase, and through it all, Michael has been on the periphery. Both men have been knights in shining armor but now Michael is the bearer of bad news.

Willow Tate will be elated to know she was not responsible for her father’s death but a new issue will arise. Hearing that her dad was murdered and feeling certain Shiloh had a hand in it will bring new levels of rage, the school teacher has had issues with her mom and will now wonder if Harmony knew the truth all along.

'GH' will resolve the Willow issues

"General Hospital" has quite a few issues to sort out where Willow Tate is concerned. Soap Dirt says that on Friday, Sam and Kristina will both be on hand to help, Last week, when the school teacher was reinstated, she had Franco, Liz, and Lulu lending support and even Nina toned down her hateful rhetoric.

Perhaps the writers are trying to mend fences before the big reveal that the two women are mother and daughter.

"General Hospital" spoilers have not given viewers any idea of how long it will take before Nina finds if Willow is the child she gave birth to. Soap Dirt, however, says that Sasha will be staying around a little longer. On Friday, Michael delivers the news that Ms. Tate’s father was murdered and sometime after that she will find out she was adopted, and Nina is her biological mother. In addition, the truth must come out that Wiley is not Willow’s child and that her baby is dead. It’s going to be a rough summer for the school teacher, so, stay tuned.