Actress Erin Krakow, of “When Calls the Heart,” is a self-professed and proud “Heartie” of her own Hallmark Channel drama. She is also an exuberant social media sharer with loyal fans. The star thrives on the exchanges and involvement of faithful viewers following every episode of “When Calls the Heart.” After the moving emotional celebration of baby Jack's baptism and Hope Valley’s heritage in the Season 6 finale, not to mention gaze from Elizabeth Thornton’s eyes and she danced with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and watched Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) depart, it's not surprising that Erin Krakow would choose to lighten the mood for a moment.

Erin Krakow has conveyed many personas, through her years as an actress, but never one more beloved than Elizabeth Thornton who takes caring, service, and friendship far beyond her classroom. The beautiful brunette can strike any pose in front of the lens so any photographer loves her. For her throwback Thursday pose of June 6, Erin Krakow chose to go barefoot and put on polka dots to put fans in a summer mood.

When Calls the Heart” fans have a few months to wait out before the return of the Hallmark Channel favorite but they are not without hope in the meantime.

Toes and curls

Erin Krakow has frequently shared scenic vistas from Florida beaches and favorite spots in Vancouver, where “When Calls the Heart” makes its production home.

This time, there was no sand between the star’s toes, but they were still playfully revealed while she sat perched on a slightly small table. She seemed exactly as though she belonged there, with a backdrop of skyscrapers through the windows.

Wearing a wrap-dress in black with white polka dots, Krakow has her hands in the air and eyes closed, as though she is imagining herself dancing in a favorite location, surrounded by the blossoms and trees that she so often shares with her followers.

Her shorter hair has loose curls that add to her free and easy style. Sunlight splashes across her face

Just prior to the start of Season 6, Erin Krakow was the subject of a “Cowboys & Indians” magazine feature, which had the star in ravishing red lace in some poses, while she gave her own personal travelogue through shooting locations.

The next six months may seem like a lifetime for faithful “Hearties,” but the time flies for the cast and crew of the drama, who are scouting locations and shooting far ahead of the usual Christmas premiere for a new season.

Fiona (Kayla Wallace), the telephone operator on “When Calls the Heart” would be fully in support of Erin Krakow’s fashion sensibilities. Her character stirred a near scandal in the community by coming into town wearing skirts above the ankle. Fiona and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) stirred things up in the season finale in their own way, offering a “ladies’ choice” dance that left Fiona with a handsome suitor, along with Elizabeth. The “who” in the teacher's future is still a question but there is no question of new love in her life.

Hope before heart

The Hallmark Movies Now series, “When Hope Calls,” premieres in August, and will go deeper into the lives of sisters, Grace (Jocelyn Hudon) and Lillian (Morgan Kohan). The characters were first introduced in the 2018 Christmas feature, “When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing” when their broken wagon meant that they were waylaid in Hope Valley over Christmas.

Both Jocelyn Hudon and Morgan Kohan are acclaimed actresses in Canada, and Hudon’s character, Grace, has become more prominent through her involvement with Spencer (Brenden Sunderland). The young boy is still in the throes of trauma from losing his family, and in the finale, he concedes that he will give Grace and Lillian a try at their new orphanage in Brookfield, a more Western setting than Hope Valley.

The new drama promises to intermingle the themes of community, family, and heartwarming romance in new ways. Both Lillian and Grace had to grow up in very painful and difficult circumstances and have not had the opportunity to know much about one another since they were separated as orphans. The dynamic of their relationship and their work in devoting themselves to children in like circumstances will bring definition to family evolving from much more than blood ties.

Thus far, Erin Krakow has not been mentioned for a “When Calls the Heart” crossover visit to Brookfield, while Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, and Kevin McGarry are all slated to be part of “When Hope Calls.” The yearning for the beginning of a family for Lee and Rosemary creates a perfect segue for the characters to become part of both dramas.

Executive producer Alfonso Moreno assures that romance will be abundant in the spinoff drama, with “beautiful and spirited” young women at its center, and “more than one” gentleman who will have his heart taken by the newcomers.

“When Calls the Heart” faithful and Erin Krakow may be left wondering (and without scripts) over the summer, but adventure and love still await in the future.