"Little People, Big World" currently airs on TLC and Jackson Roloff's getting some coverage this year. Fans of the TLC show adore the cutest little member of the 'LPBW' cast and last year we saw him on his birthday when Matt, Zach, and Tori Roloff prepared for his first big bash. This year, Matt Roloff reminded us that Jackson turned two-years-old on Mother's Day. It's hard to imagine Jackson turns two as it feels like just yesterday he was still a little baby.

Jackson Roloff of 'Little People, Big World's' nicknamed Baby J

Fans of "Little People, Big World" quickly fell in love with Jackson's nckname, 'Baby J.' However, he's not so little anymore.

As Tori once noted, he's growing up and suddenly turned from being a baby to being a little boy. The toddler really advanced a lot but remains ultra-cute because of his dwarfism. In the current season of the show, we saw Tori saying that there's "nothing quite as cute as having a dwarf baby."

More and more, the moniker 'Baby J' falls away as he's growing up now. Over the last year, we saw him grooving to great music, walking all over the farm with his dog Murphy, and riding around with grandpa Matt. In fact, riding on the mule with Matt's one of his favorite things to do. Last week, after his Hawaii vacation, the first thing Matt did when he got home, was to take Jackson for a ride.

Jackson turns two-years-old, Matt posts about the 'LPBW' grandchild on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, which must be a double special day for mom Tori, Matt Roloff shared a photo of Jackson. He captioned it with, ".... and in other news earlier today...Happy Birthday, Jackson!! My little farmer turned 2 years old today May 12th.

What a professional stud muffin man he is..." Fans of "Little People, Big World" were grateful for the reminder by Grandpa Matt.

Fans loved the picture that showed the little guy looking so grown up and admiring his big cake. It looked delicious done in white icing. Zach and Tori also featured in the picture. No doubt, loads of family members also attended the special event for Jackson.

On her Instagram, Tori wrote, "Happy birthday to our sweet (not so) baby J! I can not believe I have spent 2 years of my life with this kid...thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us and passed along sweet notes to me."

Fans react to Jackson Roloff turning two-years-old

One thing about Jackson, fans who feud over whether they prefer Amy or Matt, agree that Jackson's simply the cutest and the best of the bunch. Mind you, Jeremy and Audrey's little girl Ember garnered loads of admirers as well. Here's what some of the "Little People, Big World" fans said about Jackson on his birthday:

  • @Alb**: "Happy birthday Jackson!! And happy Mother’s Day, Tori. You pull it off with such grace."
  • @Mon**: "Happy birthday Jackson! We love you so so much and this world is absolutely better because you’re in it."
  • @Elai**: "I can’t believe Jackson is 2 already! ."
  • @Myo**: "He is the cutest watching ur show on demand right now! Luv Tori too."

What do you think about Jackson Roloff turning two-years-old already?

Do you think time flies by way too fast? How nice was it for Tori to celebrate her son's birthday and Mother's Day all at once!

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