Devotees of “The Young and the Restless” took note that Michael Baldwin was off-screen, for long periods, during the past year. Christmas LeBlanc, who portrays Michael, did not make any public statements so fans were not sure what was going on. It seems now, as though he were one of the casualties of Mal Young’s tenure because the new writing team has the popular actor back in action. Genoa City’s favorite attorney is busy with his wife, as well, trying to keep his younger brother out of trouble. Former DA Baldwin will be on hand to assist both friends and family with sound advice as well as their legal woes in the near future.

Christian Leblanc in the center of ‘Y&R’ action

For the past few weeks on "The Young and the Restless” Michael has been in more scenes than he had the entire past year. He and Lauren have enjoyed eating out, he has been hanging out in various Genoa City hot spots and now Soaps She Knows says his younger brother Kevin will draw him into his sordid world. The spoiler reveals that Mr. Baldwin will push his half-sibling until he tells him the truth regarding Chloe and Adam and there will no doubt be some fireworks.

Nick is going to hire. Michael to represent him in his custody battle for Christian, and later the high powered attorney will warm Chelsea not to trust Adam.”Y&R” fans were delighted, on Friday, when Kevin and his big brother greeted Paul, it seemed like old times.

The new writing team is keeping two promise they made to fans. They are using more core characters and they are focusing on families to return Genoa City to its glory days.

’Y&R’ puts Michael in the middle of Adam’s drama

If Kevin tells his sibling the entire truth, he must admit kidnapping Michael’s good friend, Phyllis, hoping Adam would trade her for Chloe.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says Ms. Summers will escape captivity and eventually make her way to Los Vegas and obtain some dirt from Riza on Spider/Adam. This puts the former DA in the middle of all the “Y&R” drama with the prodigal Newman. He will be representing Nick in the lawsuit initiated against him by his sibling and advising Chelsea that her ex may also want custody of Conner.

Michael will also be trying to keep Kevin and Phyllis from self-destructing by playing into Adam’s hands, but both are already in too deep. His younger brother and best buddy are both going to need him when all their misdeeds hit the fan. Soaps She Knows and Celeb Dirty Laundry promise updated spoiler alerts as soon as new information becomes available. Until then continue watching “The Young and the Restless” each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. Welcome back to ‘Y&R’/Genoa City, Christian LeBlanc/Michael Baldwin.