"B&B" Spoilers indicate that two more individuals will be drawn into the web of deceit that continues to escalate because of Ridge and Taylor’s son. This week Pam will take notice that something is seriously wrong with Thomas. Knowing Pam, she will probably enlist Charlie’s help to figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, Emma will overhear a conversation that was not intended for her and it may cost the pretty intern her life. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both tease that someone may die this week. Earlier spoilers suggested Thomas might kill Xander to keep him quiet, but now it looks as if Justin’s niece may be the murder victim.

Emma may be in danger instead of Xander

Emma has not been seen much lately on The Bold and the Beautiful “ so her death would have less of an impact than if Maya’s cousin dies. Also, unless he changes his mind, Xander has agreed to keep quiet about the baby switch. Spoilers indicate that Ms. Barber will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and overhear a disturbing conversation. More than likely she hears Thomas talking about Beth being Phoebe and he decides that she needs to be eliminated.

Xander really wants the truth about the baby swap to come to light but Flo and Zoe are more inclined to obey Thomas. Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that the Avant's nephew will go along with the program for now and that’s why Emma is more likely to be the one who will die.

She could panic and have some type of accident before she can tell anyone what she overheard, but all recent "B&B” spoilers report that Thomas will become more treacherous and as his behavior escalates, he will more than likely commit murder.

Pam is onto Thomas

“B&B” spoilers say that eagle-eyed Pam will sense that something is terribly off about Thomas but don’t say what it is she notices.

Last week Steffy’s brother told Xander, Zoe, and Flo that he would one day run Forrester and not his sister because it is his birthright. He let the trio know he could make life miserable for them in they told Hope that Phoebe is really Beth. CDL says he will notice how happy Liam is with his sibling and her daughter and he will eventually ask Hope to marry him.

Perhaps Pam will observe Thomas acting territorial around Hope or hear him threatening Xander, Flo, and Zoe.

Pam may notice that Thomas is throwing his weight around as a Forrester and perhaps he begins to lord his position over her and Charlie. CDL and Soap Dirt promise to update what happens next with Thomas, as he makes his downward spiral, so be watching out for additional spoilers. Continue enjoying “The Bold and the Beautiful“ each weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST to find out who dies and who kills them.