He ”The Bold and the Beautiful” is continuing the downward spiral of Thomas Forrester. Last week he ran Emma’s vehicle off the road and watched as she took her last breath. He bought drugs from a dealer and slipped them into Liam’s drink.

Liam will awaken and realize that he slept with Steffy, which is what her brother was hoping for. Thomas next will manipulate his son into proposing to Hope. He obviously believes she will not be able to say no to Douglas. Ridge and Taylor’s son has proven he will do anything to have his way, even take al life.

It has yet to be revealed whether he is dealing with an illness or is just pure evil.

‘B&B’ sends Thomas off the rails

”The Bold and the Beautiful” has had a number of villains over the years, but Thomas Forrester seems the most devious. Ever since returning to LA he has done nothing but scheming and manipulating. Soaps She Knows reveals that this week he will continue to cause chaos and what makes it so bad is that he is using his own son to gaslight Hope. Thomas purchased drugs from a dealer named Vinnie, who told him they were guaranteed to work. He slipped them in Liam's drink, which will cause him to initiate lovemaking with Steffy.

”B&B” spoilers indicate that on Tuesday, Liam will wake up and realize what took place and later tell Hope.

This will be her proof that she did the right thing in ending her marriage. It may also lead to a “Steam” reunion because no one except Thomas knows about the drugs.

This could also factor in when cute little Douglas asks Hope to marry his daddy and become his mommy. The deception and manipulation might cause her to say yes.

Thomas is going off the rails, and there is no one to reign him in.

‘B&B’ sets off a ball of confusion

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers from Soaps She Knows indicates that a ball of confusion will occur because of Thomas. Once Hope finds out Liam slept with Steffy, she will become more vulnerable. If Steffy becomes pregnant, this will increase the bond she has with Liam.

By the time it’s revealed that Beth and Phoebe are one and the same, Hope could be married to Thomas and Steam may have reunited.

”The Bold and the Beautiful” executive producer Bradley Bell has said the truth about the baby switch would come to light during November sweeps, but Celeb Dirty Laundry says swap will be revealed this summer. Whenever the facts are made known it will be explosive and ruin many lives.

Between now and then all of the dastardly deeds of Thomas should be exposed, especially his role in Emma’s death. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue watching all the drama with the Forrester’s and Logan’s each weekday afternoon on CBS at 2;30 PM EST.