"Seeking Sister Wife" in season 2 showed Vanessa Cobbs meet and 'marry' Dimitri Snowden. However, it never worked out and she split from Ashley and Dimitri. Fans saw that right at the end. Next, she popped up in Australia where her twin sister lives. Now, she told fans in an Instagram Story that she's gone to Bali, Indonesia.

Vanessa Cobbs of 'Seeking Sister Wife' in Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia got rocked by an earthquake yesterday, and it was felt in both Australia and on the tourist island of Bali. So, as Vanessa flew in mere hours ago, hopefully, nothing bad happens while she's there.

Apart from that, she looks really relaxed and pretty in the country. There's nothing like a pool, a beverage, and an exotic location. Vanessa never said, but she probably went there with her twin sister and it looks like they're saying in one of those places where you walk out the door to your own private plunge pool. The island's famous for that style of accommodation.

Bali's a popular destination for young Australians as it's not a huge flight at 1,600-odd miles away. Really if you don't do drugs, or get caught in possession or trafficking, it's mostly an idyllic place. Trip Savvy reminds us that Bali has some of the strictest drug laws in the world. Trafficking or even possessing large amounts can even end up with execution.

So, Vanessa hopefully steers clear of that. Probably, she does anyway, as "Seeking Sister Wife" fans saw her adapt quite well to the rather stringent rules about clean living in the Snowden's home.

Bali's a quick hop away and Vanessa thinks about her visa for Australia

On another Instagram post, Vanessa explained to "Seeking Sister Wife" fans why she went to Bali.

She's not staying there for a long time. In fact, just for four days. She explained, "{she] just needs to physically leave Australia and go to another country in order to beg back into Australia. It’s not very clear on the visa website and I was too lazy to call lol. It’ll all work out, I’m not going to worry about it. We’ll be here for 4 days so I’m sure that’s plenty of time to keep my visa ."

Actually, iVisa explains that "A valid ETA grants US citizens multiple entries to Australia through a year for up to 90 days per stay.

Additional visits after the first trip are granted at the immigration officer’s discretion." Probably, Vanessa won't have too many problems getting back in. While they do require you provide proof of enough money to support yourself, they also would allow for the fact she has family there.

Will Vanessa return to the USA?

Vanessa never said how long she intends to stay in Australia. Perhaps she'll apply to stay there permanently if things come right for her. Even though she's so far away, she still gets fans of the TLC show following her. Although she took a break from social media immediately after the show ended, she stays connected these days and almost always responds to her followers.

What do you think about Vanessa Cobbs loving life in Australia, and now visiting Bali? Do you think she looks free and beautiful in her new environment?

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