On Sunday Anna Duggar celebrated her thirty-first birthday with an Instagram post gushing about all the fun times that were had at her birthday party writing that she has, “so much to be thankful for! 11 years ago today I said, ‘yes!’ to the man of my dreams!” She continued, “So grateful for God’s grace and redemption over our family! 5 beautiful, healthy, and energetic growing kiddos and one more on the way!”

Anna shows her birthday video

The video and pictures show a radiant and happy Anna, with Josh and their children at the Duggar Family home while celebrating her birthday with an abundance of ice creams, cheesecakes, and sweets and a big homemade banner made just for Anna, who is pregnant and due with the couple’s sixth child this fall.

The banner read, “Happy Birthday Anna, we love you”. In the video, they are enthusiastically singing a birthday song to Anna as she watches on and leans into her husband Josh, for a peck on the lips.

Supportive messages for her birthday

Many fans and family members were supportive, leaving messages full of birthday love and telling Anna how great a wife and mother she is, including her cousin-in-law Amy Duggar King, who also appeared on "19 Kids and Counting" and "Marriage Bootcamp." Amy commented saying, “love you sweet girl, you’re brave, you are forgiving, a great momma, and stronger than I could ever be.” No doubt she was referring to Josh Duggar’s s*x scandal, where it was revealed that he had molested five young girls—including a few of his own sisters from 2002 to 2003.

His father, Jim Bob, was the one that turned him into Arkansas State Police, it was revealed. Josh also later admitted to having a p*rn addiction. At the time, Anna decidedly stuck to their vows and chose to continue to live by the word of God and forgave her husband.

Seemingly not bothered by Amy’s comment, Anna Duggar responded with, “thank you!

Love you so much!” Amy’s comment caused other followers to comment and discuss on how forgiving Anna has been and how admirable and hard it is. But some fans commented to show their disapproval of Anna’s choice of words over her husband that were put on display. “Man of your dreams? Sweetie…” wrote one fan. “With the amount of hell he has put you through, he should be kissing the ground you walk on,” wrote another Instagram follower.

However, Anna did not respond to any of the negative comments as she seemed to be focused on and only responded to the positive ones.

So far, TLC hasn't revealed when 'Counting On' will be back for another season. Anna and Josh Duggar aren't on the show anymore at all, though. The fans do miss getting to see how they are doing, but they do share a lot of social network updates.