"Seeking Sister Wife" Tell-All aired on Sunday night. In it, fans heard the shocking news that Vanessa Cobbs left the Snowdens despite 'marrying' Dimitri. However, the Tell-All never detailed very much about what happened. Now, it looks like Vanessa's getting as far away as she possibly can as she headed for Australia in the aftermath of the TLC show.

Venessa Cobbs looked like a successful union with the Snowdens

Vanessa Cobbs came to the "Seeking Sister Wife" show and rumors soon arose. These came after TV Shows Ace wrote that she may have been a paid actress.

Nevertheless, fans of the show mostly liked her and hoped she found happiness. The fans and Vanessa moved on from the acting allegation and the relationship progressed. Even Ashley, with some issues, seemed okay with the private ceremony that wed her man Dimitri to Vanessa. In the Tell-All, not much exposure as to what went wrong came out.

Vanessa took to her Instagram to write quite a long note about it. In brief, she said that she still loves Dimitri, Ashley, and the kids. However, she felt she could not stay "true to [herself]" as she could not be what they wanted her to be. Vanessa added that even if you love someone or "family" that doesn't "necessarily mean that you are meant to be with them." Vanessa went on to say that life and love with Dimitri and Ashley was "real." She still thinks that polygamy is "a beautiful thing."

Australia beckons Vanessa Cobbs after 'Seeking Sister Wife' split

Sunday night, almost as soon as the "Seeking Sister Wife" Tell-All screened, Vanessa took to her Instagram again.

This time, she said, "I'm taking time to be with my sister in Australia." She went to Perth, Australia, and shared a lovely picture of the beach. In answer to questions about how and when she ended her relationship, on the same post, Vanessa replied. She said, "The breakup happened recently after filming was done. Unfortunately is not up to me to share what happened or if I’ll get the opportunity to share what happened." Of course, like other TLC cast members, she's probably still under contract to TLC.

Vanessa went on to add that it's hard right now. "It’s really hard not to focus on all of the horrible things being said about me but I just want to truly thank everyone who is sending me and the Snowdens love and light right now ❤️❤️❤️" She may be far away in Australia right now, but perhaps Vanessa should do what one fan suggested, and just switch that phone off.

Social media's very invasive, and unless she enjoys that beautiful beach in Australia, she may keep on being hurt.

Fans supportive of Vanessa Cobbs in Australia

Most "Seeking Sister Wife" fans sent Vanessa messages of support in Australia. Here's what some of them said to her:

  • @Rox**: "That is so beautiful, u go girl, be free of what u love to eat, do, sing all loud fly like a bird, ur a great and beautiful person, God has much better things in life for you!!"
  • @Iph**: "Enjoy your time girl!!! Have so much fun! What a beautiful place to clear your mind and get back on track with being happy, clearing your mind."
  • @Sil**: "Nobody can hurt you without your permission. These aren’t people... these are words said by cowards who hide behind computers. "
  • @Lin**: "
  • Enjoy your time! May this be healing and just what you need ❤️"

What do you think about Vanessa Cobbs splitting from the Snowdens? Do think she'll find healing in Australia?

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