"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, Porsha Williams said on Twitter that she had an awful experience of racism at a Pizza & Grill in LAX airport. Just six hours before that, she posted up such a happy photo of her alongside "RHONJ" alum Caroline Manzo. Porsha later said on her Twitter that she'd dish the whole story when her flight ended.

Porsha Williams of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta's' been so happy, and now this alleged racism upset her

In the last day or so, Porsha's looked so happy and carefree, but now, she reported to fans that she was allegedly a victim of racism in LAX airport.

Just yesterday, she shared a gorgeous video of her little one, two-month-old Pilar showing her sporting her first ponytails. In that video, she held Pilar on her lap and showed off her tiny little ponytails. Fans of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" can't get enough of the little one. Viewed over half a million times, lots of fans enjoyed the cute video.

Then, Porsha later posted up that she spent time with "RHONJ" alum Caroline Manzo. She captioned that Instagram post with, "This NJ boss is no joke! Gotta love @carolinemanzo #ShakeEmUp." Porsha looked stunning in a multi-colored fern-style floral outfit and her huge smile. Now, it seems a few hours later, her smile got wiped off her face by an alleged racist incident at the airport.

The racist incident at LAX upset Porsha Williams but she never dished it all yet

Taking to her Twitter, the long-time star of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" posted a photo of a Pizza & Grill. Her caption was brief and never explained all the details. However, she said, "This restaurant in the LAX airport is completely racist!

The manager just threaten to call police on me for no reason." Fans were shocked initially, but then a few posts appeared alleging this particular restaurant has some previous complaints about the rudeness of the staff.

A follower on Twitter, @FlirtyNikka, looked into the reviews of the restaurant in question. They came up with a number of poor reviews, but over on Yelp, there are many reviews both for and against the place.

On Porsha's Twitter, many people asked for more details. As some of them pointed out, a manager would hardly just decide out of the blue to walk up to say someone would get the cops called for no reason. Others felt the manager of the establishment needed to give his side.

Porsha promises to give the full story soon

So many "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans asked for the full story that eventually, Porsha put it out there that she would tell them all the details. Her next post to Twitter read, "On my flight will post the whole story when I land!" Well, it's probably late at night now and no followup came.

However, when fans get the next update, I will be sure to look out for it and update her followers.

What do you think about Porsha Williams so happy with her baby and then alongside Caroline Manzo in LA, only to be upset in an allegedly racist incident at LAX? Do you think the Pizza & Grill food outlet manager would call the cops for no reason?

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