General Hospitalviewers are becoming weary of storylines that seem to have no end in sight. The baby swap, Nina’s daughter, Dawn of Day, Lulu’s marriage, and Oscar’s death need final closure. Spoilers indicate that a new writing team is about to take over, and suggest that fans may finally obtain the finality they so desperately desire. Different writers also indicate that the entire show may go in a different direction. Those who are tired of Shiloh, Sasha, and the Falconeri marriage being in limbo may see these plots wrapped up quickly. There is also the possibility that different writers may make changes the viewers don’t agree with.

Changes Coming to ‘General Hospital’

Soap Hub indicates that changes are coming to the writing team at “General Hospital” that may affect what viewers see on screen. According to Daytime Confidential, the current head writer, Michelle Altman will be retiring in August after four years at the helm. The spoiler suggests that new blood may wrap up some of the storylines fans wish would end. Many people who enjoy the ABC daytime drama feel that Shiloh and Dawn of Day are taking up too much air time and hate that the cult leader molested Sam.

The spoiler says “GH” viewers are tired of Willow’s drama with the baby switch and not knowing she is Nina’s daughter. Oscar’s death is being drawn out with his parents in Africa spreading his ashes.

Soap Dirt and previews for Thursday have Josslyn trying to contact her dead boyfriend through a seance. It’s not known for certain how the new writing team will affect the show, but if they wrap up these drawn-out storylines, fans will be delighted.

'GH' storylines need to be resolved

"General" Hospital" fans definitely want closure for Lulu who is hanging in limbo with Dante seeking treatment.

Soap Dirt reveals that Sonny will see Lulu on a date for an assignment and will think she is cheating on his son. The spoiler also says Nelle will be returning to Port Charles to try to see Wiley and that Brad and Julian.are going to stick together as they try to keep their secret. The truth about Wiley is one storyline that viewers are really disappointed has gone for so long.

They believe the child should be with his father Michael.

Soap Hub suggests that "General Hospital" will more than likely promote breakdown writer Dan O'Connor to co-head writing status with Chris Van Etten who worked with Michelle Altman, who is retiring. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts related to upcoming changes. I promise to update viewers when information becomes available. Continue watching your favorite characters in Port Charles by tuning in each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.