Laine Hardy, this years winner of "American Idol" had a whirl of interviews and TV show appearances. However, later on, it looked like he managed to get back home for some downtime, as he posted up some photos and Instagram Stories of his dogs. One of them showed the boat in the background. After all the glitz and glamour it was nice of him to show his fans a shot of him in his 'natural' environment for a while. Now, it looks like he's back in LA and "Back to work."

Winning 'American Idol' brought some frenzy to Laine's life

Laine handled himself quite well after winning "Idol," and that involved a hectic round of flights and interviews.

Meanwhile, his debut single "FLAME" rocketed into the top three on iTunes, and his name was raging across news searches. However, at some stage, it seems Laine managed a trip back home. He never announced it to anyone, but he may just have managed to squeeze some downtime judging by his Instagram Stories.

On his most recent IG Story posted up, he's got two stories. One shows him loving his dog and (lucky dog), getting sung to by Liane. He's serenading a little pooch with "Clementine." Plus, just the other day, he posted up a photo of his favorite doggie, "Dandy." That photo came three days back, so maybe Laine got home for Memorial Weekend. You can see the river in the background, and the boat.

Laine looks casual and comfortable in his country shorts rather than his "American Idol" flash outfits.

Laine also posted up some blues with a funny comment that got Walker Burroughs laughing

In the time period between the photo of Dandy the dog and then going back to LA to work, Laine also shared a short video of him playing some blues.

He captioned it with, "Thank y’all for the crazy unbelievable support! Here is some blues to cheer you up! " Joking a bit, "American Idol" contestant Walker Burroughs responded, "Some cheer me up...” Laine. " Everyone laughed with Walker, as really, blues usually get played so you can wallow in sadness when you listen to them.

Meanwhile, other fans commented that even listening to the blues cheers them up because Laine's playing it.

Back to work post by Laine Hardy, America's newest 'Idol'

Just a few hours ago, Laine took to his Instagram Stories and posted up a photo of him in a car at night. It came about 12 hours after he sang "Clementine " to a little brown doggie. He just captioned it with "Los Angeles, California, back to work." Well, fans of "American Idol" like that he maybe got some downtime with the swamps, the boats, his family, and the dogs, but they love the idea of Laine working hard in LA as well.

Everyone wants more music from Laine, and no doubt hundreds of thousands of them will buy it.

Just the other day, Laine noted that his Instagram following hit the 600,000 mark, so lots of them followed him after his "American Idol" win.

What do you think of Laine and his dogs and the fact that he looks to have spent some time at home? Do you agree that yeah, it's time to get back to work because we all want more music from him?

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