Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that confusion and conflict in Genoa City will be over the top this coming week. Soap Dirt confirms that Kevin kidnapped Phyllis because he believes she is romantically linked to Adam. Mr. Fisher thinks Victor's namesake is holding Chloe hostage and wants to make an exchange. Summer finds evidence of foul play where her mom is concerned and seeks help from Nick and Jack. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Chloe will be released by whoever was holding her and show up where Ms.Summers is imprisoned seeking to make some type of deal.

This will be shocking because Ms. Mitchell/Fisher, like Adam, was presumed to be dead.

Phyllis is in big trouble

On Friday's "Y&R" episode (June 7), it was revealed that Kevin drugged and kidnapped Phyllis. Soap Dirt states that Mr. Fisher wrongly believes that Summer's mom and her dad's half brother are romantically involved. He will also be certain that Adam is behind his own wife's disappearance because she is the one who shot him. Kevin wants his spouse back and thinks he can trade Phyllis for Chloe. Ms. Summers was warned not to become involved with the black sheep of the Newman family but she did not listen. Now she will find herself in big trouble.

"Y&R" spoilers state that Adam will insist that he did not abduct Kevin's spouse, but later, during a phone call, he will say that he must change his plans.

Afterward, Chloe is going to startle Phyllis when she shows up at the place where Kevin is hiding her. This seems to imply that Victor's namesake indeed had something to do with Mrs. Fisher's disappearance. Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Ms. Summers will be stunned by seeing yet another Genoa City resident alive and well, who was supposed to be deceased.

Chloe propositions Phyllis

"Y&R" spoilers state that Chloe will make Ms. Summers an offer that she cannot refuse. The proposition more than likely is in regard to Adam and/or money. The Fishers hate the prodigal son because of Delia. Phyllis must now make a decision as to who she will choose to align herself with. Chloe is nuts, and Kevin has returned to the dark side, but they are no match for Adam Newman.

Meanwhile, Summer is trying to convince her father and stepdad that her mother needs help. Also, Kyle and Lola are doomed.

Phyllis recently got on the bad side of both her ex-husbands so they may feel that whatever she has gotten herself into, they won't assist her in getting out of it. Aligning herself with the town misfit only added to her problems. It looked like Summer's mom had sunk as low as she could go by teaming up with Adam so what could Kevin and Chloe offer her that would be a sweeter deal? Be sure to watch Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" and find out.