"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say Willow will make an amazing revelation in the June 19 episode aired on ABC. The woman is ready for anything to protect Wiley. Diane is the only person in possession of the adoption document. Willow could steal the file and make the evidence disappear forever, thus keeping Shiloh at bay. However, the head of the DoD will discover Michael and Chase's plan and will not waste time to implement a terrible plan. Willow will once again get into trouble, and this time it will be difficult for her to get out of it.

'General Hospital': Willow ready for anything

The latest "General Hospital" spoilers also reveal that Willow will make an important confession, most likely on June 19. The situation will take an unexpected turn after Julian's plan. In previous episodes of "GH" in fact, Sam and Julian have ensured that Shiloh gets closer to the truth about Wiley. However, Diane does have a copy of Wiley's adoption document, as she is Willow's attorney.

Diane could then betray everyone and give the precious document to a mysterious person. Diane is a lawyer who does not commit intrigue or deception. Precisely for this reason, Willow could complete the plan in place of Diane. Julian has given this challenging task to the woman, but will she really finish it?

We know that Willow has no other way out and she's ready to do anything to get there. Willow and Diane met and we can't rule out that it was the beginning of Julian's plan.

Willow will make a disarming confession in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', this complicated storyline will have two different outcomes.

If Willow manages to destroy Wiley's adoption document, Shiloh will be kept at bay. On the other hand, Willow would commit a crime, which would cost her prison. But let's not forget that a desperate mother is ready for anything, even if it means putting her own life at risk."General Hospital" spoilers say that Willow, in the episode of the soap opera of June 19, will make an amazing confession.

The woman could tell Harrison the whole truth, hoping that everything will be okay.

However, we also know that Michael and Chase have agreed to eliminate Shiloh, and both know that it won't be easy at all. The two of them in an attempt to carry out their plan to destroy Archer could get Willow into trouble. We can't rule out the possibility that the situation will take a dangerous turn. Other "GH" spoilers say that Shiloh will discover everything and will not be happy to have been deceived at all. The DoD leader will not waste time in taking yet another revenge. Stay tuned for the next details and "General Hospital" spoilers.