Spoiler alerts for General Hospital have announced the first air date for Cynthia Watros as Nina. She will be on screen in her first scenes in Port Charles on June 17. She will be stepping into several front-burner storylines that her predecessor was part of. On Monday, Ms. Reeves got Ava Jerome to agree to do an interview for Crimson magazine. She believes this will boost circulation and that her new boss will not slash her budget. When Watros takes over, the character will reach out to her good friend Curtis with an offer to pay Jordan’s medical bills.

Mr. Ashfrd will say, “Thanks but no thanks”, but later Valentin will make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Cynthia Watros makes Nina her own

Soap Opera Spy teases that Nina and Jax may transition from a business relationship and become romantically involved. Once the truth comes out that Sasha is not her daughter and that Valentin tricked her, Ms. Reeves will need a shoulder to lean on. It looks like “General Hospital” is laying the groundwork by having them work together at Crimson. As Michelle Stafford is exiting the show this week, it will be her successor who will.be getting to know Josslyn ‘s dad much better.

Celeb Dirty Laundry says Watros will settle in and make the role of Nina entirely her own.

The first thing she will do is to offer assistance to her good friend Curtis. Jordan’s medical bills are mounting but her spouse won’t allow his buddy to help. Nina will later tell Valentin who says he will offer Curtis an assignment that pays very well. When “General Hospital” finally exposes Sasha as a fraud, Mr. Ashford will be angry to find that he was duped by Valentin and Nina was hurt in the process.

’GH’ moves forward with Cynthia Watros

When it was first announced that Michelle Stafford was going to replace Gina Tognoni on “The Young and the Restless” some spoiler alerts suggested that Tognoni should take over Stafford”s “GH” role. There were also rumors that Nina was going to leave -Port Charles and the character would not be recast.

Now that Cynthia Watros has replaced Stafford, the show can move forward with all the storylines that Reeves is involved with.

Nina will soon find out that her husband and newly found daughter have perpetrated a fraud. She will also realize that Willow is actually the child she gave birth to. These double blows will be shocking and take some time to process but Nina will survive. The article on Ava and a new connection with Jax will keep Ms. Reeves busy as she deals with all the fallout. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update what will happen next. Make sure you watch every exciting episode of “General Hospital “by tuning in weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.