"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers say Dante will break the heart in Lulu. Maxie's plan to bring the couple together will not be successful, and the situation will take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Ryan is still in the hands of his brother, undecided whether to kill him or have mercy on him. Fans of the "GH" know that Kevin has a good soul, but to what extent? Jordan continues to struggle between life and death, and the hope of finding a kidney for her seems further and further away. Meanwhile, Oscar Nero's parents try to regain their lives after the death of their beloved son.

But Kim doesn't seem to be able to do it and, according to the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, she seems to be able to make an extreme gesture. It is not excluded that Kim may abuse drugs or, even worse, commit suicide. Finally, Shiloh will be closer to the truth about Willow's adopted daughter. Moreover, the evil DoD chief will have to deal with Nelle Benson, who will get out of prison and return to Port Charles, intending to take Jonah back.

General Hospital': Lulu desperate

"General Hospital" spoilers say Maxie will continue to do her best to reconnect Lulu and Dante. However, the woman's plan will not be successful. According to 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', we can reveal that the love story between Lulu and Dante will take an unexpected and very unpleasant turn.

In all likelihood, Dante will break the heart of Lulu. In this regard, there is a novelty about Dominic Zamprogna. The actor has given an interesting interview to 'Soap Opera Digest,' in which he declared that it would be his return to the soap opera "General Hospital."

Zamprogna told Soap Opera Digest: "The fans had fun and I hope we'll do it again," referring to one of his many short returns in the cast of "GH." Also, it seems that Maxie will unintentionally get in trouble, ending up driving Dante and Lulu away.

'GH' Spoilers: Dante's return

In the next episodes of "General Hospital," Maxie will play a vital role in the storyline of Dante and Lulu. Maxie will make a big mess and get the opposite effect. Dante will return to Port Charles and wants to have a confrontation with Lulu. It is not excluded that the man can ask for a divorce, breaking Lulu's heart.

In any case, "General Hospital" spoilers say that Maxie will regret his idea, although she has done well. Lulu could end her friendship with Maxie.

Fans now wonder when they'll finally be able to see Dante in the soap opera. Meanwhile, the tension remains high regarding the situation of Ryan, in a coma after undergoing surgery. Fear also for the return of Nelle, which will upset the lives of many characters. What will happen? We'll know with the next and unmissable "General Hospital" spoilers.