"Vanderpump Rules" screened part one of the reunion last night and it was explosive to say the least. Jax Taylor, who featured in one of the most confrontational scenes yet, took to his Twitter during the show and interacted with fans. During those interactions, Jax dropped a hint to one person. It seems that he may not stay with the Bravo Reality TV show. It seems there are other things that he wants in his life.

Jax Taylor's part in Bravo's 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion part one

The reunion was explosive, even for "Vanderpump Rules," which had its share of drama over the years.

Earlier, Jax teased that it would be "crazy" and certainly so far, it delivered plenty of that. Just to recap the bits relating to Jax and Brittany, here's a bit of a summary of what went down. Basically, trying to cope and feeling bad, Lisa Vanderpump left the scene to go and compose herself. When she returned she actually turned right back and went out again as things got nasty between Jax and James Kennedy.

It started when James harped on about a Twitter issue. You see, James had tweeted about Jax's dad passing away and Lala's too. Both of them had a hard time dealing with grief. James admitted in the reunion it was wrong to tweet in January, "He is just a sad man after his daddy died - brother make peace with your dead father please that goes for Lala also." So now, James raised another Twitter incident.

Toofab wrote that James was "accusing Jax of making a fake Twitter account in Raquel's name which said the two had split and accused Kennedy of sleeping with men. Jax played dumb, as Ariana Madix said his phone number was "connected" to the account." It ended up in a screaming match and Andy Cohen had to break up the pair who wanted to fight.

Fans comment on Twitter about 'Vanderpump Rules' cast's immaturity

Lots of fans picked up that the bickering and shouting seemed very immature. While people watch for the drama, sometimes, it wears thin as these people are not children. Here's what some followers of "Vanderpump Rules" said about it:

  • @Liz**: "I really think @TomSandoval1 and @ariana2525 are the only two left on the show that think for themselves and don’t act like they’re stuck in a high school click."
  • @bad**: "I dare to say @RaquelLeviss might be the most mature person up there... instead of attacking James which only makes him react back (LIKE THEY ALL DO) she tries to listen and correct the issue! Aggression isn’t always the answer!"
  • @lad**: "James shouldn’t be absolved of his behavior but holy smokes, I cannot listen to a bunch of people who are 10 years older than him that were 20 times sh*ttier at his age get on their high horse."
  • @pag**: "Watching Vanderpump reunion and thinking are these adults or children."
  • @_The**: "All these grown [*ss] people not owning their own behavior."

Jax Taylor and his hint he may move on from the 'Vanderpump Rules' show

Later, Jax Taylor engaged in a reply to a comment from one of the followers.

@krystyneTX wrote, "I used to love pumprules but then I started realizing all of you are adults but act like high school kidss (sic) I know it's a job but you have been on it long enough to have been able to start another career like a clothing line, drinks...etc It's time to move on."

To that, Jax replied, "I could not agree more Christine." Now, possibly, Jax meant that he agreed that he should move on from the Bravo show when he said he "could not agree more." Actually, that is very possible as we know Jax and Brittany already started the idea of the Meemaw's Beer Cheese that they first discussed in December last year. Plus this year, Jax dropped loads of comments on social media about getting a life with kids after his marriage to Brittany.

However, talking to ET Live, Brittany started talking about filming again. So maybe Jax just means other people on the show should go get another life.

What do you think about Jax Taylor hinting he may leave the Bravo show? Do you think it really was a hint, or just agreeing that some of the others need to move on?

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