"General Hospital" (GH) spoilers report that there will be interesting developments in Port Charles. Shiloh Archer will have many enemies ready to destroy him and will have to be careful of his moves. Sam, on the other hand, will discover that Kristina may be hiding another dark secret. Sam, trying not to be discovered by Shiloh, will manage to sneak into the DoD's log room and take Kriss' file. In the folder could be the recording that Kriss donated to the sect as proof of loyalty. However, further background may emerge concerning Kriss' confession.

If Sam's plan were to be successful, Shiloh's plan would be over. The final battle between Sam, Kristina, Jason, and Shiloh Archer is about to approach and someone will get very hurt.

'General Hospital': Shiloh manipulated Drew after Oscar´s death

According to spoilers by Soap Dirt, I can tell you that the dangerous Shiloh will be beaten wildly. A photo published by actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin shows his character full of blood and bruises. In the episodes of "GH" last week, Oscar Nero died. Without any restraint and humanity, Shiloh approached Drew. The father of the grief-stricken boy was emotionally fragile and angry about what happened to his son. Shiloh took advantage of it, trying to bring Drew to his side.

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that Drew could really lose his mind and turn against Shiloh. The man is shocked at Oscar's death and could vent his anger against Archer. For these reasons, Shiloh's attacker could be Drew himself. However, Jason also has good reasons to beat up the head of the DoD. Jason wants to protect Sam who is putting herself in danger to save Kristina.

Shiloh's list of enemies is long, and it also includes Harrison and Alexis. The final clash is therefore close.

Sam enters the recording room in the next episodes of 'General Hospital'

"General Hospital" other spoilers tease that while Shiloh is being beaten, Sam will enter the registry room. Sam is very close to the truth and may have in her hands the proof of loyalty given by Kristina to the DoD.

Kriss' evidence consists of a recording in which she confesses that her mother Alexis is a murderer. Alexis hit Kriss' violent boyfriend with her car and killed him. However, it is not excluded that Kristina has filed another statement in the registration given to Shiloh. If so, Shiloh could have found information about the boy's fatal accident and used it against Kriss. Did Shiloh trick Kristina all this time? We'll know very soon because Sam will be able to find out the truth by entering the DoD's recording room. Stay tuned for upcoming "General Hospital" (GH) spoilers.