"Young and the Restless" (Y&R) spoilers ensure the return of Adam Newman. Adam, after being believed dead following the explosion in the cabin, will make his great return to Genoa City. Nick will be shocked by this unexpected event. Although he's happy about it, Nick is aware that he could lose Christian's custody. However, Nick, unable to accept reality, will tell Sharon that a look-alike might pass himself off as Adam. Other "Y&R" spoilers suggest that there will be a long and ruthless legal battle between the two brothers. Who will pay the consequences will be Christian, disputed between Adam and Nick.

Moreover, the secret about the boy's real paternity may soon be discovered. In this case, it is very likely that Adam Newman can take Christian away from his brother.

'Young and the Restless': Adam returns to Genoa City upsets everyone

"Young and the Restless" latest spoilers say that Adam's return to Genoa City is certain. According to Soap Dirt, Newman will terrify everyone since he was declared dead. In the episode of "Y&R" aired yesterday, Sharon contacted Nick, giving him the unexpected and dark news. Nick will assume that it's not really Adam, but a double that has taken on his appearance. Nick has completely lost control and is aware that the return of his brother to the city will upset his life, especially with regard to the custody of Christian.

If Adam really came back, Nick would have to give up the boy, who would return to live with his father. In the past, it was Adam himself who granted Nick custody of Christian. Newman did not want to increase the pain of his brother, devastated by the dramatic loss of Sage. But now things have changed, and Adam could expect Christian to leave Nick's house forever.

Sharon has tried to console and reassure Nick, promising him that she will do everything in her power to prevent Adam from taking Christian back.

'Y&R' spoilers: Nick is afraid to lose Christian

According to news of Soap Dirt, we can anticipate that Victor could help Nick keep Christian's custody. "Young and the Restless" other spoilers suggest that there will be a legal battle between Adam and his brother.

Christian will be between two fires, and will not know what to do. In addition, Adam Newman may find out that the boy is actually his son. Despite the difficult situation, Nick will do everything he can to protect Christian and keep him with him. On the other hand, Adam will not let go of his grip, determined to legally defeat his brother. Great twists and turns are on the horizon in the next episodes, and we'll tell you about them in good time with the next "Young and the Restless" (Y&R) spoilers. Stay tuned.