''The Young and The Restless'' spoilers, for May 2, indicate that there will be developments regarding Victor's obscure secret. Sharon and Rey will discover that Adam is alive and be shocked. Adam's return should be scheduled in the ''Y&R'' weekend episodes. Without a doubt, this unexpected novelty will give a twist to the storylines of the soap opera currently underway. Romantic turn for Kyle and Lola who, after having fun in a club, will dance under the stars. To conclude the evening, Lola will finally make love to her boyfriend. Lola's first time will be magnificent, but are we sure that Kyle will stay close to her now that she's got what she wanted?

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Summer will know everything and promise to destroy Lola to win back Kyle's love.

Adam is alive and we'll see him again

Spoilers for ''The Young and the Restless,'' Thursday, May 2, reveal that there will be developments regarding Victor's situation. Fans of the soap opera know that Victor is hiding a secret that may soon be discovered. Sharon and Rey will arrive in Las Vegas and will be able to track down Victor. Thanks to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, we know that Victor will feel stranded and that for this very reason he could make an unexpected decision. It's not excluded that Victor wants to reveal his big secret to Sharon and Rey Rosales. The twist will come when viewers finally see Adam alive.

Most likely, the ''Y&R'' episode with Adam's return will be broadcast over this weekend. Of course, Victor's revelation will upset both Sharon and Rey.

Lola and Kyle romance

In the May 2 episode of The ''Young and The Restless'', Kyle returns to Genoa City. Kyle and Lola will have a romantic night. The couple will have fun teasing each other between cocktails, listening to good music, and relaxing.

Afterward, Lola and Kyle will kiss and dance in the glow of the stars. Love is in the air. ''The Young and The Restless'' spoilers suggest also that the evening will be interesting, as Lola agrees to make love to Kyle in a charming suite. Lola will be very nervous because it's her first time, but Kyle will do anything to put her at ease.

Kyle may not keep his promises. Kyle has already broken Summer's heart and we don't know if Lola will be sidelined by him too. After all, Kyle got what he wanted from Lola. Summer won't give up and promise herself she'll do everything she can to get Kyle back. ''The Young and The Restless'' spoilers suggest finally that Summer, to reach her goal, will start to torment Lola Rosales, knowing that the girl is naive and above all insecure.